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Class 10: Effective And Efficient Tips To Score High Marks
The CBSE Class 10th Board is a student’s first major stumbling point. If a student has a good grade in secondary school, he or she has the freedom to choose any career. Furthermore, a strong score on the tenth-grade board exam may help them choose the right track for a successful career. Many students are terrified of board exams because they believe they have not prepared properly. They may also experience anxiety as a result of their fear.
Students would be preoccupied with their studies and preparing for good exam revision. They may be under a great deal of pressure to do well in their tests. However, this high level of pressure will eventually lead to anxiety and stress. In this article, we’ll go over a few pointers to assist you prepare for the CBSE Board Exam in an organized and efficient manner. These suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in lowering exam stress and improve your chances of receiving great exam scores.
The following are most beneficial suggestions for CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Preparation:
1. Choose the best time to begin studying for your board examinations.We can’t say when each kid should begin studying for the tests because each student’s learning abilities are different. There is, however, a standard technique to exam preparation that must be followed.As a result, it is always best to start board exam preparation as soon as feasible. If you haven’t begun or finished your revisions yet, you must do so immediately!
2. A good timetable will help you prepare for your exams.It’s nearly hard to achieve your goal without appropriate planning. As a consequence, for successful preparation, students must first make an appropriate study plan based on your weak and strong areas of the syllabus, and then strictly adhere to your time schedule.
3. Follow Your SyllabusIt’s excellent to prepare from a variety of sources, but when the board examinations arrive, it’s critical to be restrained and focus solely on your NCERT textbooks, as board exam questions are drawn from NCERT textbooks. Here you may find your CBSE Syllabus for Class 10.
4. Enough time should be set for self-study.Every student should set aside some time after school or coaching lessons to devote entirely to self-study in order to analyse and practise the concepts learnt in class or coaching. You must set aside enough time so that you can meet some predetermined study goals.
5. Review previous year’s exam papers.If you want to do well in your board exams, don’t forget to solve the previous five years’ question papers. These questions will help you understand the question pattern and patterns that have emerged in recent years. A few months before the start of the board exams, the CBSE provides sample papers for all subjects. These papers are a wonderful method to see how well you’ve studied for the board exams. They also show the board’s newly announced marking methods and the CBSE’s new question type.
6. Develop the ideal study habits in order to perform well on board exams.To do well on board exams, each student needs to develop some key study habits that will enable them to join the ranks of the top scorers. Creating and adhering toward a study plan, being punctual and disciplined, and balancing academic and personal life are some of the positive skills and habits that a student should develop.
7. Target Your Weak SpotsYou will have a better understanding of your weak points and blunders after completing numerous question papers and mock examinations. Start diagnosing those errors; scratch them to the core, and make it your purpose to turn your flaws into strengths so that you are completely prepared for your board exams. This dedication will aid you in achieving your goal board test result.
8. Say a stern “No” to Social Media.Simply unplug from all social activities and delete any social media accounts where you spend the majority of your time. This period should be used to focus on intensive study and preparations, as it will determine your future. Rest your thoughts if necessary, although mentally exhausting leisure activities can occur once your tests are completed.
9. Forget about the exam anxiety and simply relax.Fear, anxiety, and tension will only impede your preparations and, as a result, impact your board test results. So, instead of tensing up, begin studying for the exam with a calm mind. You only need to put in your best efforts, and the end result will be the best.
10. Perfection comes through practise:Increase your practise time, have your answers reviewed by your tutor on a regular basis, and focus on your weaker areas. Students can also use model answers to see where they are lacking information.
11. NCERT: For each subject, consult the NCERT. The majority of the questions are chosen from there. NCERT should be extensively read and practised.The main benefit of using NCERT Books for exam preparation is that it focuses on the basics of each subject according to the latest CBSE syllabus, which aids aspirants in understanding the essential principles of each subject. As a result, assist students in quickly clarifying all of their questions or uncertainties.
What role does the CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 play in exam preparation for students?Ans. Students can plan out the subjects and chapters to study first in each subject if they have a clear understanding of the curriculum. They can also schedule their study time and spend time on each topic according to the importance of the marks assigned to it. It is critical that students do not overlook any topics or chapters while studying for the board exams.
Is NCERT sufficient for the 10th board exams?By referring to NCERT Books, students can easily achieve 80 to 90% in their 10th board exams. However, students who want to achieve a score of more than 90% on the board test must use both NCERT and other reference materials.