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Top Careers


Check out our complete list of 100+ Guest Blogs!365 Family Friendly Jokes!

Top Careers
Author bio: Shelley Brookes is a financial analyst who has worked for a number of top-notch firms in the United States. She is also associated with and possesses great knowledge into bankruptcy related matters. She likes writing blogs on finance to help her readers find their passion in the industry.

With multitude of new products and services being offered every day, and with increasing sophistication in different industries, an expert and skilled financial professional is in high demand everywhere. There are many specialized finance career opportunities that have emerged in the last couple of decades, and when compared to the other fluctuating job options, finance shows a steady growth.

Globalization avenues too have opened up a myriad of new possibilities in international finance management for domestic and international investors. Due to the heavy capital flow and steady growth, companies need skilled and expert professionals in finance sector to succeed. Above all, the increasing participation of the financial institutions and private players also widened the scope of employment in finance.

While banking jobs are sort of the obvious choice for finance graduates, they can also opt for law firms that deal with specific matters such as bankruptcy. Companies such as are known to work with brilliant minds that excel in finance.

Some leading careers in finance

As discussed above, along with the conventional finance jobs, there is a multitude of new job titles and job responsibilities emerging in finance. Here we will discuss a few of such leading job profiles to consider while thinking of a career in finance.

  • Fundamental analyst

  • Fundamental analysts are experts who focus on a particular industry to offer research reports about a number of businesses in that industry. With the help of such research, fundamental analysts build a model to project or predict a company’s financial results.

  • Technical analyst

  • Unlike fundamental analysts, a technical analyst researches and publishes reports based on the previous market prices as well as technical indicators of a particular business/industry. They focus more on the short-term price fluctuations based on the current market scenario and demand-supply forces, which rule the market. It is the process of statistically interpreting the previous trading patterns. Technical analysts can predict the future price movements to a fair accuracy.

  • Fund manager (Portfolio manager)

  • A fund manager works as the responsible authority on behalf of an investor to implement an investing strategy and successfully manage the portfolio to bring in fair returns. It will be the fund manager deciding when to buy and when to sell, and the investors leave their investment management function to these skilled professionals. Experience and track record are the key aspects investors consider while choosing their portfolio managers.

  • Risk analyst

  • A risk analyst or risk manager is someone who is capable of analyzing, calculating and controlling the potential financial risks associated with a process. These risks usually are market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and also the off-market financial risks. Risk analysts are capable of performing various risk management tasks at asset management companies, investment banks, corporate firms, and government agencies.

  • Merchant banker

  • Merchant banker handles long-term loans and international finance of the corporate firms. They specialize in consulting for IPOs (initial public offerings), corporate mergers, refinancing, and stock repurchases etc. Since it is one of the highest paid careers in finance sector, these professionals requires top-notch skills and a high level of experience.

Those who are seriously thinking of a career in finance can also explore the opportunities like Forex Trader, Market Analyst, Insurance Analyst, Investment Banker and more.