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Guest Author: Frank Simms

Being in a business that is as demanding and heavily competitive as real estate, you will need all the motivation in the world. In as much as it is an exciting business to be in, it also has its own share of lows. For starters, real estate is all about sales and no matter how many you make, you might have to wait for months before you get your commission. On the other hand, business is not always promising and you can go for weeks without selling anything.

All in all, the challenges that real estate agents face in their line of duty are frustrating to the point that some think that giving up is their only way out. This post is meant to help you pick up the pieces regardless of how frustrated you are and keep on pressing until you break through this feeling. You need to find your motivation and work on finding that million dollar deal for the season.

Frankly speaking,real estate is a feast and famine business and motivation is what will pump you up.As a matter of fact, only the motivated agents will take that extra step to keep pushing even when the situation seems impossible to overcome.

Moving on, here are some useful tips on how to retain your motivation and prep yourself for better days to come:

  • Find a reliable and affordable commission advance company – As we all know, one of the biggest challenges that realtors face is the delay of payment. And since you need money for your business to grow, you should consider selling your pending commission in exchange for quick cash. The factthat you can easily apply for commission advance for real estate agents is what keeps you motivated.


  • Find yourself a mentor –It’s no lie that real estate is a cutthroat industry that is not fit for the faint-hearted.However, there are situations that call for mentorship and guidance. You need to have someone to consult when such times come knocking on your door. However, since finding your perfect match can be quite laborious, it is advised that you go for a mentor who has your best interest at heart.


  • Organize your time –Plan your time well. You need to have a time schedule for everything. This will keep you on toes and will reduce the chances of having two bookings at the same time. Set time for clients, set time for meetings, time for reviewing the statistics and time to attend to all other things that matter in the business. This will help you become the best real estate agent there could ever be.


  • Recognize your success–Some days are better than others. You might make a bid sale or two today and go without selling anything for a week or two. Nonetheless, pat yourself on the back for the victories that you have had so far and never dwell on your failures.