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Not everyone agrees to put children and a fighting activity in the same sentence. However, others consider that it actually is a great idea. Of course, the aura of danger raises some questions when it comes to kids practicing such a sport, but boxing is also a very controlled contact sport.

Also, not many people know about the multiple benefits training can bring to children. So is boxing a good activity for kids?

Is it safe?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, boxing carries the risk of serious head injuries such as concussions. There is no doubt that the above statement is true. However, there are numerous boxing veterans who actually claim that such head injuries are very rare.

Surely, boxing is not completely safe, but, on the other hand, which sport is? If you start to think about the training sessions for other sports that children usually practice, you will be surprised by the fact that each includes potentially dangerous activities or movements. Of course, not allowing children to practice any sport is not an option.

So, to answer the question more clearly, boxing is not the safest possible sport, nor is it the most dangerous. In a controlled environment, serious accidents are very rare.

The benefits

There are many benefits to practicing boxing, and there is no doubt about it. Besides the physical strength, this sport also helps improve mental health. Children should not have mental issues, they should not be experiencing stress and grieve.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some of them have to deal with their parents’ divorce, others lost a parent or both, there are also those who are bullied by other children, and the examples can continue. As sad as it may sound, there are multiple stress factors in our children’s lives.

Boxing involves a lot of focus and concentration, which means that there is little room for other thoughts. Moreover, punching a bag is a great stress and tension reliever. It allows all that aggression and tension that has built up inside to come out in a safe and controlled way. Furthermore, boxing encourages social support because the training sessions usually involve multiple people.

Boxing is also known to help build self-confidence and self-esteem. This is actually a very important aspect, especially for children who are bullied or often beaten by their parents as they tend to lose their self-esteem and believe that they are not good enough. It is sad when you think about it, but it is also good that there are solutions to such issues.

Protective gear

Since we touched the subject of safety when it comes to boxing, you may already know that protective gear is also used for training and matches. This is also a safety measure because, as a pugilist, no matter how well-trained you are, no special training on how to take a punch on your head is offered. 

Of course, you are taught how to guard up, bob, weave, and dodge, but your opponent is also taught how to land effective punches. That is why you will need good protective headgear, that will soften the punches to the head. 

If you want to outfit your kid with the best protective and training equipment but do not know which one to pick, a comparison for almost every type of product is available online. You will be able to study the products’ specifications, detailed descriptions, as well as customer reviews. This way, you can make boxing even safer and more fun for your kid.