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Sports Jokes

  1. Why should a bowling alley be quiet?… So you can hear a pin drop!
  2. What did the bowling pins do?… They went on strike.
  3. What does a bowler and a Thanksgiving guest have in common?…  They both want a Turkey. (Top Thanksgiving Day Jokes)
  4. When is a bowler like a judge?… When he sits on the bench.
  5. What would you get if you crossed a bowler and the Invisible Man?… Bowling like no one has ever seen.
  6. Why was Cinderella such a bad bowler?… Her coach was a pumpkin.
  7. Why is a bowling alley the coolest place to be?… Because it’s full of fans.
  8. Why are football players not allowed in bowling alleys?… After getting a strike, they spike the ball. (Top Football Jokes)