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Dreaming big is a wonderful quality to have, but this has to be complemented by strategic planning so you can turn those big dreams into reality. If you want to study at a prestigious college alongside brilliant students and professors, there are several steps you must take to get closer to your dream. The competition for admission is fierce. You must cover many details as thoroughly as possible to increase your chances of success. 

Here are our top tips to follow to get admitted to an elite academic institution. 

Start Preparation Early 

A way to sabotage yourself when it comes to college admissions is starting preparations too late. To get to an elite college, you have to start planning as early as ninth grade. Gather as much information as possible as early as possible. The more information you have, the easier it will be to comply with the requirements. 

Your college application file must show that you had excellent grades during the four years of high school and that you were involved in extracurricular activities related to your main academic interests. This is why early preparation is crucial. College recruiters want to see that you are a motivated and driven individual. If you have nothing worthwhile to include in your application file, it’s going to be difficult to demonstrate your potential. 

Make In-Depth Research About Your Top College Choices 

If you are hoping to attend an elite college, you should know that each academic institution has a unique profile. Some Ivy League colleges have large student bodies, while others have small, knit communities. The curriculum, the teaching style, the grading system and the social life can vary immensely from one college to another. 

Besides, each elite college has stronger departments than others. If an institution has a prestigious humanities department, but you want to study chemistry, their prestige in the humanities should be irrelevant to you. Research your specific department to see who teaches there, what are their contributions to the field, and what courses are included.  

Find Help for College Admissions 

Getting admitted to a top college requires a lot of know-how regarding how to present yourself. Not all students know how to highlight their skills, talent and potential in a compelling application file. In addition, the college admission process can be stressful and overwhelming. There are many myths around it that you want to avoid. However, you don’t have to and shouldn’t go through all these challenges alone. Ask your parents, teachers and school guidance counsellors for advice and tips. 

If you need more comprehensive assistance, you can also find a professional counselling service specialized in helping students navigate the many challenges of college admission. When targeting Ivy League colleges, it’s best to work with counsellors who are alumni of the same colleges. They will help you get a better idea about what to expect during the admission process and also during your time there as a student. 

To make the most of your college years, choose an institution where you can reach your maximum potential and develop your academic interests to a high professional standard.