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Today the weight loss and slimming industry is growing at the rapid rate of 25 to 30 percent and the growth and advancement of services has certainly outperformed and overtook the products. Growing fitness and health consciousness have given rise to a host of brand new professions. One of them that seem like a great option for men is that of a physical fitness trainer. His job is to assist obese or overweight people to get back to shape and help them in enhancing their body tone and boosting their stamina. He also helps the fitness freaks to maintain their weight and remain fit as ever. He provides his expert services for maintaining health and fitness to right from someone who is a sedentary corporate guy to the fit and professional film star or a golfer.

Fitness Trainer: An Outlook

A fitness trainer instructs and leads you in workouts and allied physical activities. He would be working with groups or individuals and would be providing appropriate fitness instructions and the most necessary motivation and inspiration to achieve their unique fitness goals. A fitness trainer may be a specialist in weightlifting, aerobics, yoga or some other form of physical expertise.

Basically, the job would entail meeting people, mostly obese or overweight individuals and taking them through effective workout regimens. You may require playing the role of a group instructor handling a group of people at a time in a larger class like environment while at times, you may have to play the role of a personal trainer offering one-to-one training customized as per the individual client’s requirements.

Job Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate to the clients the proper way to perform different exercises and follow routines.

  • Be vigilant while the clients are doing the exercises.

  • Explain clearly the right technique for minimizing chances of any injury and improving fitness levels.

  • Provide alternative workouts or customize workout regimen for individual clients as per their skills and level of physical fitness.

  • Consistently monitoring the clients’ progress and making changes or adjustments as required for speedy and more effective outcomes.

  • Explain and firmly enforce all kinds of existing safety regulations and rules relating to recreational activities, sports, and the use and handling of exercise and fitness equipment.

  • Provide clients effective resources such as prohormone stack | He must also offer adequate information about weight control, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications and issues.

  • Must provide effective emergency first-aid if and when needed.

Educational Prerequisites & Accreditations

A basic high school diploma is all you need to dream about becoming a fitness professional. However, you would be requiring certifications and accreditations as per the kind of classes you wish to teach and specialize in. The ACE or the American Council on Exercise, ACSM or the American College of Sports Medicine, and AFAA or the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America are known to offer a host of certifications and they would be requiring their own qualifying factors in some cases.


Fitness instructors are trained to choreograph or plan their own classes. Their fitness classes could be including cardiovascular exercises, strength training, aerobics, lifting weights, dance, music etc. Fitness trainers are free to choose their own music that they think is just right for their workout class and they would be creating a set of moves or routine for the clients to follow. Tenacity, empathy, and patience are the hallmarks of a successful career as a fitness trainer.

Author Bio: Christopher Jenkins is a fitness trainer and a blogger. He loves to run his own fitness blog. His posts are interesting and provide all sorts of fitness information from fitness tips, supplements, to valuable resources like prohormone stack |