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                                   Career path and development at work

The promotion and development issue is one of the most frequent requests of candidates who come for career counseling. A lack of development demotivates ambitious specialists and sometimes makes them look around in search of better employment conditions.

If you need to be promoted, but something goes wrong, you need to figure out what prevents you from achieving the desired result. These five tips from executive resume writing services will help to improve yourself on the way to success.

  1. Analyze and Decide

Above all, analyze what progress opportunities there are in the company. You cannot verify or predict everything, but you can assess whether the business is developing. Define the urgent needs for now, and a couple of positive examples of the promotion have been in the company during your working experience. What behavior was shown by people who have already been promoted? When is worth to leave? When a company does not develop, and you do not see a tendency of new posts appearing or expansion. Or, for example, when it is not customary to “grow” employees and for senior positions they take people from outside. Also, an alarming signal may be that the company does not listen to innovations, and within your job responsibilities, you can not develop.

2. Rate Yourself

Assess what knowledge/skills you lack for achieving promotion. Make yourself an improvement plan. What knowledge does your supervisor have? What skills are needed for a leadership position in your office? What training activities would be useful?

3. Find a Problem and Solve it

Try to look and see wider your duties. What does not work effectively in the company? Make suggestions on how to fix these processes and do bests for an implementation. The proposals need to be implemented by somebody.

4. Become Indispensable

Start exploring new job opportunities. Substitute colleagues when they go on vacation. Offer help to heads or, better yet, remove a part of the worries from your boss. Assume more responsibilities everyone expects. Anticipate the perspective of employers. Necessary to be prepared your working duties will become wider, but you won’t get paid for them, and sometimes even redo the other people’s work. But in return, you’ll gain valuable experience and increase your value in the eyes of the employer and in the market. You must know how to apply for jobs.
Please note, do the work for everyone is not the same as to solve issues for which others do not undertake/do not want to solve.

5. Tell what You Are Doing

It may seem your employer sees your contribution and has already guessed it is time for you to be promoted. It’s not. If the company does not have a hunch about your perspective, then they won’t be able to satisfy them. Also, the management may seriously not notice your contribution to the common business. Therefore, during the one-on-one evaluation of the staff or in a dialogue with the head, do not forget to mention the work you’ve done for the company and collaborative work management skills you earned.