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Have you ever faced a problem while generating eccentric plain text? Probably yes!

Students face such issues while making an attractive assignment that can help them to improve their grades. These tools will help students help me write my essay.

Generally, they face it while they are short of time and have many tasks to cover. To get over this problem, they need to have an online tool that can help them.

Online notepads are a solution for their problem where they can write compelling content for them without any grammatical mistakes.

It is vital to use an online notepad that can save your time and support to improve writing skills to make your writing better.

When we talk about online notepads that can make the task easy, there is an extensive index.

It will be a little tricky to choose the best one from them. So here we will provide you with a list best online notepad.

These notepads come on top of the list due to the features they offer to a user and make his task easy.

Best online notepads for students

Students can make their assignments easily with good fluency by using these 5 top online notepads.


Let’s dive deep and discuss the details of every tool.


Among the top notepad online tool for students, this one is the best to use, making assignments error-free and more attractive.

Let’s discuss the best features of this tool.

  • No installation needed

As this is an online notepad, so there is no need to install this application. Therefore, a user can complete his tasks on it without any installation.

  • Words and character count

This tool gives a user the word and character count, which means a user can know the length of his task.

One can increase or decrease the length of his content by using this feature as he may know how much he has to write more.

  • Download file directly

The best facility that this online notepad provides to the user is that you don’t have to visit other applications for downloading your assignment.

This tool provides a feature to a user where one can directly download the files and use them.

  • Secure to use

Editpad is an online tool that provides complete security to its user. Therefore, one can feel relaxed while using it.

This tool doesn’t keep the data of its users. Instead, it deletes all files from there as a user leaves the page.

2. to make assignments more attractive, students can also use this tool that provides the best features to its users.

Here we will discuss some best features of this tool that keep it standing among the top notepad editors.

  • Popup window

Sometimes a user may be doing multiple tasks. At that time, he can use this feature.

Here, he can open the notepad in a new popup window to help him perform the background tasks.

  • Word count

This tool also provides word and character count at the bottom. It helps to generate an idea for a user to set the length of his task.

Students can make their assignments according to word count requirements.

  • Fullscreen

Working on a full screen can increase the readability of a reader. So, one can also use this feature in this tool.

  • Download reports

After using the tool and completing the assignment, one can directly download his files to save time.


Hemingway is an online editor for plain texts. Students can write or edit their assignments by using this tool.

Let’s talk about the features of this tool that can convince anyone to use this tool and trust it.

  • Multiple styles

Like MS word, the user can make his assignment in different styles. One can change the font style, text size, text color or whatever he wants.

This tool will allow its users to take full advantage of it to make their content striking.

  • Sentences & paragraph

Users can get details of their text that how many lines or paragraphs he has written in the content.

This tool will provide all the information in a separate box.

  • Write and edit 

If a person doesn’t have text to edit on this tool, he can directly write it here and, after that, edit it.

This tool will edit your text and make it more attractive to read and understand.

  • Read time

Sometimes a person may need to set the length of content according to time. For example, like in presentations, students have limited time to speak.

So, this tool tells the users how much time it will take to read that text in advance. In short, it provides read time to the users.


The interphase of this tool is just like MS word. But users have to register themselves before using this tool.

After signing in, they can enjoy all the features of this notepad. Here we will discuss the features of this tool.

  • Multiple formats

While writing assignments, students can change the format. This tool provides multiple options in terms of formatting.

Users can set the format of text as they want.

  • Attractive interphase

The interphase of this notepad is very attractive. It’s straightforward to understand and use, just like MS Word.

  • Review after composition

Once a student has composed text for him on this editpad, he can review it with the help of this tool.

It will help the user if there is any grammatical mistake in the text. So, he can remove errors and make them more eccentric.

  • Save documents

After using this text editor, the user can get his content again from his account. Data will be saved in the report.

So, users can access it anytime and use it next time.


This tool also takes place in the list of best notepads due to the features facilitating students and making their tasks easy.

Let’s talk about the features of this tool that make it reliable to use.

  • Templates

Students are confused sometimes about how they will present their assignments. They can get templates of writing that can be helpful to select the best style of writing. 

  • No grammar issues

If a student writes plain text for an assignment or presentation, he can use this tool to check for grammatical mistakes by using this notepad.

It will point out all issues that are offending the fluency of text and harming its beauty.

  • Organized content

Before using this tool, the user has to register himself for it. This will be helping to save the documents there.

Moreover, it will organize all the documents in profile to access them quickly at any time.

  • Secure to use

This online notepad is very safe to use, and one can keep the files save in his profile.

The online tool will never share the personal data of its use with anyone. 

Final words

To increase working speed and to get error-free content, one can use these online notepads.

Students can take help from these editpads and make such assignments and presentations that can help them to improve their grades.

The tools mentioned above are best for writers and students as they can make their working efficiency better.