Slot games are so appealing for millions of players all over the world, largely in part because of their simplicity and straightforward nature. Punters don’t need to worry about complicated strategies or calculating statistical likelihoods; they can instead just sit back, relax and press a button – click now. Out of all the casino games that you can play, slots are by far the easiest way to earn a little extra pocket money. Yet there are a few basic things that players can do to improve their odds. So if you want to know how to double your dollar without having to do anything too complicated or complex, keep reading and find out the best advice for slot players: 

Pick a game that suits you!

Seems pretty obvious right? Sadly not. Many players search for their favourite website, click on the first game they see that has enough bright lights and flashing graphics to draw them in and start spinning the reels. We hate to say it but you may as well be throwing a large part of that money down the drain. Sure there are good odds on most games but with so many variables for each one, its more important than ever to pick a game that’s tailored to you. Firstly pick a game with a theme that interests you. If you’re not really fussed, then you’re unlikely to be impressed and you’re more likely to give up playing before you have a chance to really get the ball rolling and the money dropping. 

Bet within budget!

Next you should consider your budget. This ties in perfectly with picking a game that’s suited to you. Slot games vary an incredible amount between minimum and maximum amount per play. Whilst some have minimums of 2p, others can have a pound, which can really add up once you get into the swing of things. Then maximum bets can vary between £10 and well over £100. So if you pick a game that has high roller limits but you’re placing small bets, there’s less chance you’ll get lucky. So our advice to slot players is to first set a budget that you can realistically afford, and only then pick a slot game that matches.  

Don’t ignore the bonus offers!

It can be a little overwhelming to trawl through the millions of online casino sites and eventually settle on just one game to bet your hard earned cash on. But there is an upside to the technological boom of slot games and that’s the fact that online casinos now have to work a lot harder to attract punters and provide a higher standard of online gaming. To do this, most now offer incredible rewards and bonuses for both signing up and continuous playing. Yet often players ignore these and can lose out big time. Make sure you take advantage of new player bonuses and free daily spins to play with what is essentially free money and maximise your profits.