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Any time you can incorporate U2 into a psychology lesson, it is a huge bonus. This activity requires the students to watch the U2 LiveAid performance at Wembley Stadium.

The Bad lesson has 3 purposes:

  1. To model the My Memories playlist assignment.
  2. To reinforce and improve the understanding of selective attention and feature extraction.
  3. To apply these terms to the experience of watching one of the most amazing live performances of all time.


Selective Attention: The ability to pick and choose from various inputs. There is so much going on at any given time that our senses cannot process it all. Each student will pick from one “area of focus.” Watch this area closely and take detailed notes. The notes will be collected and grades.

Feature Extraction: Locating the outstanding characteristics of incoming information. Please select an area of focus in which you have some knowledge. For example if you write a songs, listen to the lyrics. If you play an instrument focus on ONE instrument. If you perform, focus on the performance of Bono, the lead singer.

Areas of focus:

  1. Singer: Analyze the voice, range, etc.

  2. Songwriters: Listen closely to the lyrics and the connection with the music.

  3. Musicians: Listen to ONE instrument that you have the most experience with:

    1. Drums

    2. Bass

    3. guitar

  4. Crowd: This is one for people like me who are not that musically inclined. Watch the reaction of the crowd, how they react to the band, the flags, the emotions of the fans, etc.

  5. Lyrics: Listen closely and analyze the words you heard

  6. Behind the scenes: Focus on the people who support the band, the roadies and stage crew.

  7. Filming: Look at the angles and how it is presented.

  8. Fashion & Hair dos: Analyze the fashion of the band and crowd. Analyze the hair

  9. Band stage presence / performance: Analyze how Bono interacts with the crowd!

Students will write the observations on a separate sheet of paper. Depending on the experiences and backgrounds of the students, the responses could be pretty insightful.

The following day, the students will use to create a compilation of the observations.