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If you have grown up in India, you will know how Indian parents demand their kids to become doctors and engineers, and rightly so, because the field of medicine and pharmacy is massive and a market-leading industry. 

If you are looking to find Pharm B course in India, you should know all about the course and what it offers. Pharmacy is a rare field of science that requires developing trust by maintaining close interactions as you work to improve their health. 

 Here is a complete guide that will help you understand this course better and what you can expect after completing it. 

Bachelor of Pharmacy( B.Pharm) is a graduate degree that is job-oriented and allows science students to make a career in the pharmacy sector. The course has eight semesters over 4 years. B.Pharm is one of the most in-demand degrees due to its scope and the vast career opportunities after completion. 


To secure admission in the B.Pharm course, students have to complete their 10 + 2 education and apply for state or national level pharmacy entrance exam. Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test(GPAT) is the national level exam. 

There are other exams that are conducted by public or private universities for admission to various other graduate and post-graduate pharmacy courses. Few Institutions also offer direct access on the basis of marks obtained in the 12th exams. 

Career Options

B.Pharm covers every facet of healthcare and biochemical information relevant to the preparation of drugs and medicines, along with the knowledge to make the proper diagnosis and implement those medicines. 

Students study various other subjects like:

Industrial Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical analysis


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Medicinal Chemistry 

Pharmacy Management

B.Pharm syllabus is carefully selected and ensures that the aspirants study and understand all intricacies of medicines and how they affect the human body, with additional details of the organic and chemical properties of the elements used to make medicine. 

Key Takeaways 

Enables Students to identify the right drug for the proper treatment at the correct time. 

Help Students learn various formulation methods and develop dosage forms. 

B.Pharm course has the objective of creating well-trained pharmacists for the medical industry in the public or private sectors. 

Career opportunities 

There are many who are confused about what they should do after the completion of their bachelor of pharmacy degree. 

As an aspirant, you must be trying to find Pharm. B course in India, what options you have for higher education and the career options that wait for you upon completion of the pharmacy course. There are a plethora of lucrative pharmacy career options that the holder of a B.Pharmacy degree can enjoy. 

You can choose to continue with higher studies with some popular entrance exams for M.Pharmacy admission in India like GPAT, CUCET, CEE AMPAI, etc. You can also attempt TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc., if you want to get employed abroad. 

If you want to start work after the completion of your B.Pharm course, you can seek employment in public or private sectors as a drug inspector, pharmacist, food inspector, or even open your own business like a drug store. 

Let’s discuss some standard career options in both the Private and Government Sectors,

Government Sector

Drug Inspector 

The duties of a drug inspector are to monitor the safety and quality of drugs from the point of manufacturing to sale. Patience and self-confidence are qualities that a competent drug inspector should have.  There are multiple competitive exams conducted across the country for selecting suitable candidates.  The salary of a drug inspector can range from 50,000-60,000 per month. 


Pharmacists employed on a contract basis by state governments are not able to earn a lot but, pharmacists employed in central government hospitals are qualified and earn a high salary package and job security. As a pharmacist, you must be social and have knowledge about dispensing drugs according to prescription and managing inventory. The central government employed pharmacists earn 45,000- 60,000 per month, but pharmacists employed at the state level make as low as 10,000. 

Private Sector

Pharmaceutical Marketing

If you hold a B. Pharma degree, you can seek employment as a medical representative for the marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. The salary ranges from 20,000-40,000 depending on your skills and calibre. 

Quality and Production control 

You can get recruited as a supervisor for daily operations and quality of formulations at a pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing company. The salary range is low, so it is advised to seek higher education before entering this profession.  

Pharmacy is a very intricate part of developing medicines and drugs with in-depth knowledge about their adverse effects through proven data and the proper instruction. B.Pharm gives you the necessary knowledge and understanding to gain the expertise required to become qualified healthcare professional.