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Kindergarten teachers do an incredible job with students during the first year of formal education, however, once the last school bell rings, it is the job of the parents and guardians to reinforce the skills that were acquired during the year.
A “Summer Journal” is a great way to avoid summer learning loss for kindergarten students. Handwriting without tears has so many awesome resources for parents and teachers. It is a website that is worth visiting.
It would be easy for a parent to create their own journal or you could simply order the  Draw and Write Journal:
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How it works:
1. Draw a picture. At the top of each page, there is space for the student to draw a picture. Most children ages 5 – 7 love to draw, so this is a great way to let a child be creative. Ideas for the picture could be an activity that they completed during the day. Parents also could provide focus for the child. Some ideas for drawings could be: draw a picture of the beach, draw a castle scene, baseball game, etc.
2. Write a description of the picture. The bottom half of the page has a section with double lines for a child to write. The writing should describe the picture that was drawn at the top of the page.
As you can see, there are many possibilities for the “Summer Journal.” You and your child can take turns thinking up guidelines for the next activity. Most children love to be creative, so I am sure there will be some very imaginative guidelines.
A “Summer Math Journal” is another great activity to reinforce math skills during the summer.
I hope you enjoy!
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