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Best Guide for Choosing an Acting Class

  1. When is a theater clumsy?… When the curtain falls.
  2. An actor I know fell through the floor recently. I think it is just a stage he was going through.
  3. A friend wants to give up being a postman to go on stage as an actor, but his delivery is awful.
  4. Some friends tried to teach some cows to act. It didn’t go well. Got mooed off stage.
  5. I was in an interesting play about the Internet, although we all got confused when three people turned up to play the part of The Cloud. Turns out it was overcast.
  6. Went to a big reunion the other week. Tom Hanks turned up.
  7. A friend has joined an acting troupe made up entirely of people with blonde hair. Fair play to him.
  8. A friend of mine gave me the advice, “always be yourself”. He’s a rubbish actor.
  9. Why are actors so good at playing snooker / pool? They know their cues.
  10. An actor friend got a part in a version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but it wasn’t the one he wanted. He wasn’t happy.