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Writing Advice for College Students


Guest Author: James Norton

Let’s face it; being active in sports in an important phase in every child’s life including those in college and higher learning institutions. Sports help students take a break from their course work to relax and refresh their brains. Moreover being active in sports is a powerful strategy that brings people together and promotes socializing among the students.

As interesting as this may seem though, for students to be comfortable and enjoy their play time, they will need the right sports attire. Nevertheless, in big institutions like schools, you don’t expect the students to show up in the field with just a loose t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, right? The students need to look their best, be printable and also comfortable in their sportswear. It is for this reason that sublimation t-shirts are becoming popular among the students and other organizations.

The question however is; how are the dye sublimation sports t-shirts and jerseys made? Well, this is a process that is attainable through digital printing which is more flexible, compared to the traditional; techniques of printing. In fact, if you have the spirit and the enthusiast of an entrepreneur, the sublimation printing business would be a great choice for you. You will have the opportunity of doing personalize t-shirts and sports jersey for students, which at the end of the day will be a good and legit way to earn some money.

However, before you get too excited about the business idea, you must know a thing or two about sublimation. That said, this post offers a comprehensive list of the items you will need for dye sublimation. So (please) keep reading

  • Find the best sublimation printer –First things first, a sublimation printer is printing machine that uses heat to transfer dye and designs on fabric and other surfaces. However, with so many options in the market, finding a good sublimation printer will be a big challenge for you, unless you do a research or talk to experts in the field of printing for some advice. Not to worry though, The Epson 1430 is listed among a list of the best sublimation printers anyone could ever ask for.

  • Find the right fabric – experts say that for the best sublimation results, you should consider getting 100% polyester fabrics. The good news is polyester is a one of the best choice of fabric for a sportswear because unlike cotton that absorbs sweat, polyester is meant to draw sweat away from the body and transfer it to the outer surface.

  • The right ink – the ink that is used for printing documents is different from one that is used on T-shirts, and other sublimation materials. For documents, dye ink is a marvelous choice. However for sublimation, you will need to purchase sublimation ink and a heat press. The heat press is what you will use to transfer your image or design to your polyester fabrics or any other material that you choose to (like mugs or license plates)

  • Sublimation paper – if you are wondering how the image or design is printed on the T-shirts and jerseys, this is it! Using your sublimation ink, the image or design you want is printed on a special type of sublimation paper. The sublimation ink on the paper is then transferred to your T-shirts or jerseys by heat pressing the paper on the item.

  • Sewing machine – being in a t-shirts and sportswear sublimation business means putting everything together until you have a ready to wear piece. So sewing will also be part of your work. After transferring your designs and graphics on the fabrics, you will then need to sew the pieces together.

  • Lastly, you will need to work with a team –since you are in the business of making T-shirts and sportswear for students, it is obvious that your clients will be contacting you will big orders. And since sublimation printing is impossible to achieve when working alone, you will need to gather a team to help you. Looking on the positive side, this will be creating employment for others and also reducing the amount of work you will be subjected to.

As you can tell, sublimation printing is a versatile kind of business. Other than doing sports jerseys for students and personalize textiles, you can also use sublimation on mugs, ceramic tiles, flags, banners, license plates and the list goes on and on. The good news is, the business will always be a success because sublimation is a trend that is here to stay.