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More Charlie Brown Trivia…

During the Christmas season, test your memory and knowledge of a Charlie Brown Christmas.
1. Pig Pen is the only person that Charlie Brown knows who can do what?… Raise a cloud of dust in a snow storm. (Snow Jokes)
2. When catching snowflakes on his tongue, Linus thought the flakes needed something. What?… “Needs sugar!” (Snow Jokes)
3. What might Linus do with his blanket when he grows up?… “Maybe I’ll make it into a sportcoat.”
4. How much does Lucy charge for psychiatric help?
5. During Charlie Brown’s psychiatric session with Lucy, he reveals that he has pantophobia. What’s that?
6. Instead of getting “a lot of stupid toys”, what is it that Lucy wants for Christmas?
7. In dictating a letter to Santa, Sally ultimately asks Santa for one gift. What is it?