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Author bio: Vinod Jethwani is the CEO and Founder of Walnut Solutions and he helps web based companies with his SEO strategies to grown their revenue. He started his career in 2007 as a software developer with an Indian based MNC and later in 2011 became an entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @VinodJethwani or through his blog.

The demand for marketers in general and online marketers in particular has been on a steady rise over the past few years. With the continued explosion of Internet business, this trend is unlikely to change over the coming years.

Given the rapid evolution of the marketing environment, organizations are continuously hunting for marketers with modern skills, who are likely to keep their businesses relevant over the longer term. With this, marketers that take the time to learn the online environment and acquire skills necessary to make them relevant even today will have leverage to enable them advance in their career paths.

However, online marketing being so wide, what skills, exactly, should a marketer today develop?

SEO/SEM marketing

According to a study carried out by LinkedIn in 2014, SEO/SEM marketing skills ranked fifth among the top 25 skills that got the most number of people employed, along with marketing campaign management (#12), online and digital marketing (#16) and channel marketing (#20).

With the right combination of skills, an SEO/SEM marketer can greatly leverage their knowledge to land some of the best career opportunities in the world of marketing, whose unemployment rate is one of the lowest, standing at 3.0-3.9% currently.

However, having generalized SEO skills isn’t enough; the following skills will also prove handy for the modern day SEO marketer looking for a way up the ladder:

1. Content marketing

Content is getting even more important today in SEO management, given the continuous algorithm updates by Google and other search engines. For long-term success, online businesses will have to invest greatly in creation of good and relevant content, which will help them secure the top spots in search results.

2. Growth hacking/engineering

A new fad in the world of marketing, growth hacking is about achieving growth goals by using scientific and data-informed strategies to understand user engagement as well as create and test different hypotheses that will lead to true growth for businesses.

3. SEO

Even in its classical form, search engine optimization will not die. However, in future, the market will be interested in SEOs that can understand and change with the times – no longer about optimizing for search engines, but rather for users.