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College admission essay is a thing that can breathe life into your application by capturing your genuine personality. It is aimed at explaining who you are beyond your grades, scores in tests, and extracurricular activities.

An admission essay is one the main criteria for determining whether to accept you or not. This paper gives you a great chance to show off your personality behind the statistics and stad out of the crowd. It is an opportunity to share your life experiences, triumphs, challenges, and goals. And of course, an admission essay must explain why you’re a good fit for a certain institution. 

The recommendations on writing a college essay given below can boost your chances of being enrolled in the university of your dreams. 

  1. Acknowledge the university’s needs

The first key to convincing the admission committee that you should be accepted is knowing what they are looking for. You need to understand the psychology of admission officers to write an essay in the right way. 

Colleges are looking for people who will succeed once they are admitted, contribute to the educational experience as well as bring honor to the institutions once they graduate. Hence, in your essay, you should portray yourself as a one who will meet their needs. Note, that the specifics of success and honor depend on a particular school, so mention what exactly you can do for them. 

Before you start writing your essay, think about how you can reassure the admission officers that you’ll succeed at the university. Find ways to prove to them that you are determined and can bring prestige to the school. Don’t forget to mention what your long-term goals are.

  1. Study the guidelines

One of the most important steps in writing your essay that seems to be obvious is reading the instructions. Although you may think it’s unnecessary to mention, applicants tend to neglect it because of the stress and excitement they experience. 

Pay much attention to reading the guidelines carefully and follow them. If you miss some points, the admissions committee may assume that you won’t be able to follow the directions of the college program. Make notes while reading the instructions and organize your submission following the rules. Only after that, you can decide what message you want to put into your essay and write your first draft.

  1. Check samples

Probably, one of the biggest challenges in writing is to start it. A blank page can be intimidating for most applicants. Hence, finding a template or a sample essay can be a good starting point that helps to shape your ideas. Templates can give you an understanding of how to create a solid paper format and what to include there.

View an essay sample as an aid to your creativity but not a restriction, and don’t rely on it too much. Some students buy essay samples from essay writing services listed on Stressays, just to see what a professional admissions essay should look like.

Besides, admissions officers look through hundreds of essays every year, so they probably won’t appreciate if your paper is very similar to others. Even when using a sample or a template, be creative and add whatever can improve your essay. 

  1. Make your introduction engaging

To catch the admissions officer’s attention, start your essay with a great introduction. This paragraph must be vivid to keep the reader engaged. You can use an anecdote revealing your personality or an interesting story that tells how your character was shaped and who you will become tomorrow. Introduction should give insights to the admissions officers that will help them understand who you are.

  1. Add specific details

To make your writing memorable, include specific details to your essay. Give as many examples of achievements from your life as possible. It will help to make a stronger impression on the admissions board which expects you to celebrate yourself. The more details you share about yourself, the easier it is for admissions officers to make a quick and accurate judgment about you. Don’t view underlining your strengths as boasting and remember that writing an application essay is not the time for modesty. 

  1. Use high-level diction

Not only your life experience says something about your personality, but also the words you use in your essay. Diction or word choice reveal a lot of information about your personality and intellect. Besides, if you are an international student, your writing is the first thing that can reassure admissions officers that you have an excellent command of the English language. Therefore, it makes sense to replace lower-level words with higher-level ones. Check SAT/ACT vocabulary words and use a handful of those in your paper. Also, remove any slang or casual language as it does not look professional. 

  1. Show your writing skills

To boost your enrollment chances, demonstrate that you already have college-level writing skills. You can do it by using complex sentences instead of simple ones. Including figurative language such as a metaphor, a simile, or personification can distinguish your application essay from others. 

  1. Be authentic

Colleges are looking for authenticity, so don’t try to shape your essay around clichés but base it on your genuine ideas. Don’t get much influenced by the examples of other application essays, no matter how great they are. Remember that your writing is an opportunity to impress an admissions board with your determination and existing knowledge, hence, make sure it reflects your unique skills and ambitions. Find an original angle and prove that your chosen program can help you achieve specific future goals.

  1. Ask someone to proofread

Any type of writing can benefit from a fresh perspective. Other people are likely to see mistakes that you don’t notice, so ask your friend or a teacher to proofread your essay. Apart from grammar, diction, and coherency, let someone give feedback on whether your writing really sounds like you. 

The recommendations given above will help you design an insightful college admissions essay that can boost your chances of being enrolled!