More and more of us are working from home at least some of the time. In the post covid world, this is sure to increase, with more people working flexibly and enjoying being out of the office. But many of us still face a hefty commute at least some of the time. The average commute is 29 minutes each way. While that 58 minutes commuting every day sounds like plenty, many of us face far longer journeys, travelling an hour or even two each way, five days a week. 

How you spend your commute will largely depend on your method of travel. Obviously, if you are driving a car, there’s very little that you can do that isn’t passive. On a train, you might have greater options, simply because your hands are free. The truth, however, is that whatever kind of transport we use, most of us fail to make the most of this time. We stress out about traffic, we worry about being late, and we feel tense in a crowd. 

We could be spending this time enjoying ourselves or even doing something productive. Here’s a look at nine activities to keep you entertained on a long commute. Just remember to stay safe if you are on the road. 

Read a Book

If you’re not driving, reading a book can always be a great way to pass the time. Many commuters always carry a book to read, and even if you don’t like to read while you are moving, it gives you something to do if you have to wait for a late train or transfer. eReaders are an excellent option if you struggle to fit books into your bag or want options when it comes to reading material. 

Listen to a Book

Listening to an audiobook is an option if you are driving, but only if you are careful and comfortable. Consider listening when you are stuck in traffic but turning it off when you are moving if you struggle to concentrate. 

Listening to audiobooks is perfect if you are on the train or bus. Concentrating on reading a book on a busy train with people talking and bumping into you can be hard. Some people can lose themselves, others struggle, and audiobooks make a perfect alternative. 

Audiobooks are now widely available, and you can get everything from the great classics to the current bestseller. If you get really into a book, and you only listen on the commute, you might actually start to look forward to it, just to find out what happens next. 

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a long time but it is only in the last few years that they have really started to gain mainstream popularity. Podcasts can be hard-hitting, or light entertainment. They can be funny, serious, dramatic, or emotional. Some podcasts are works of fiction, others educational. You can use podcasts to learn new things or new skills, or just as entertainment. Some podcasts are continuing stories to follow, others are stand-alone features. There really is something for everyone, and if you can find something that you love, it can be an excellent way to pass the time. 

Learn Something

If you’d prefer to use your time doing something productive or enriching, using your time to learn is an excellent option. You could listen to podcasts about specific topics, read non-fiction books, use podcasts and apps to learn a new language and take the time to really learn, instead of merely listening. 

Mobile Games

Mobile games are excellent forms of entertainment and great ways to pass the time when all you’ve got to help is your phone. Casual games like Candy Crush are exceptionally popular as time killers, but more serious mobile and online games are also available. 

Another option is playing mobile casino games. These are fun, pass the time and give you a chance to win some extra money. Take a look at Online Casinos for some of the best options. Online Casinos can help you to find the best Casino Sites and games – you can hunt for more information on their site, as well as bonuses and cashback deals. 


Meditation isn’t exactly entertaining, but if it helps you to let go of your day, de-stress and get ready to relax and enjoy your evening, it could be extremely beneficial. 

Meditating on a busy train, bus or tube isn’t for everyone. It can be very difficult. But if you can get the hang of letting go and letting the hustle and bustle wash over you while you meditate, it can be a great time to do it. Many of us get very little time to ourselves, and so your commute might be the only chance that you get. 

People Watch

People watching is perhaps something of a lost art now we’ve all got mobile phones and social media doom scrolling to fall back on. But there can still be a lot of joy to find in simply watching other people and speculating about them and their lives. The commute can be a great place to do it too as you’ll see a huge range of people from all walks of life, and maybe even some of the same people every day. 

Get Some Exercise

You might not be able to get much exercise on your commute, but there are still possibilities. Would walking to the next stop or station really extend your journey that much? If you have a long wait when you arrive it might not make much difference at all, and it’s a chance to get your steps in. If you are sat still in the car, tensing muscles and practising face yoga can help to get your blood pumping. 

Make a Plan

The journey to work is a great chance to start thinking about and organising your day. It’s also a chance to make some plans with friends so that you’ve got something to look forward to. 

There are always going to be times when the commute is annoying. No one is ever going to relish sitting on a packed train for an hour in the boiling June sunshine. Nor will they enjoy de-icing the car before a long drive the week before Christmas. But there are things that you can do to make at least some of your commutes entertaining, enjoyable or even productive. Just make sure you always stay safe and aware of your surroundings.