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About the author: Cindy Bates works as a freelance writer and editor at writing service BestEssayTips. She used to write articles and share her knowledge and experience in the educational sphere.

Are you a teacher? If you are then you should be congratulated because you have a noble job. Teachers or educators usually act as students’ second parents so that they can learn how to do tasks that will help them when they are finally placed in the real world. People usually have different mindsets on how a teacher should be. It is possible that you even have your own mindset of how you can be a more professional teacher. No matter what your style is, you cannot help but think about the other teachers that you have had when you were growing up that moulded you into who you are.

Since human beings are creatures of habit, there is a chance that you already have some habits that you have incorporated to your life as a teacher that may or be making you a professional. Are you curious to know about the 8 uncommon habits that can make you a more professional teacher? You simply need to read on so that you will know.

1. You Know How to Say No

There is a chance that you will come across students who will always ask for extra credits and extra grades when you very well know that they have not done much effort into passing your subject. You may be tempted to just say yes and give them what they want but if you are more professional, you know that they would have to make more effort the next time that they take the same course again.

2. You Truly Enjoy Teaching

Some people who get into teaching only teach because they feel that they do not have any choice. This was what they were planned out to be or their parents forced them to take teaching. If you are someone who truly enjoy teaching because you would like young minds to be filled with hopes and dreams so that they can feel inspired, this is something that can make you more professional than your contemporaries.

2. You Plan Out Activities That You Need

There is a chance that there are some activities that you let your students do or you do because you know that these are things that other teachers have done before you but maybe it is time to stop and think about it a bit, do you think that these activities are truly helping your students? Do you think that these activities can truly help you out? If yes, then continue on with these activities but if not, then evaluate and plan more activities that will give you more growth and depth as a teacher.

3. You Learn to Detach Yourself from Time to Time

One of the reasons why teachers sometimes become ineffective is because they let their personal feelings get in the way. There is a chance that some students will be given more chances than others because of the things that the students are going through. Teachers are only human but this does not mean that they should let their feelings get in the way at all times. It would be okay to give special consideration in special circumstances but it should always be looked at from a professional point of view.

5. You Have a Night Routine

It may be easy for you to establish a day routine because you already know what time you are supposed to wake up and get ready for school but have you already established a night routine? This is when you do the activities that you are required to do like check and grade papers and make your lesson plan for the next day. Establishing a night routine may not be that common but can make you a more effective teacher.

6. You Accept Change as Something Good

You may be the type of teacher who has trouble with trying to adjust to new things but this can hinder you from being the best that you can be. Remember that you should learn how to accept change as something that is good not only for you but for your whole teaching profession.

7. You Reflect

Being too busy with so many things will not give you time to take a breather and just reflect on the things that you have done. Reflecting will allow you to back track on the things that you have done as well as the things that you did not do. Reflecting helps you ponder on things and will help guide you towards your next steps in your teaching career.

8. You Do Things One Step at a  Time

One of the greatest mistakes of a lot of people is they multi task. While this has always been done by other people, you should not do it because studies show that multitasking will not do anything good. You will only end up doing mediocre work when you aim to give your 100% to the things you have to do.

Establishing these habits into your routine will help you become a more professional teacher.