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Tips for a New Career

Fashion photography is becoming one of the most lucrative careers to pursue. Use of high-tech digital photography equipment and expertise in the field makes some of the best photographers. As a fashion photographer, you must have a keen eye for details and a wide perspective.

The main roles of a fashion photographer include consulting with fashion designers on the best photo shoot concepts, preparing the shoots, and post processing of the images. The following tips will ensure your success in the field:

1. Learn all about photography

You can learn everything. To be the best, you must learn all there is to know about photography. There are several trends that come up every time as well as equipment and post processing techniques. You should have learnt all the necessary techniques to be successful in fashion photography. Being a know-it-all will lead to your failure.

2. Be relatable

This is your ability to interact with other professionals warmly but with professionalism. You must have excellent communication skills. You will have to interact with models too. To take the best shots, your models should be at ease.

3. Deep understanding of the field

In the same way that a wedding photographer understands all about weddings, so should a fashion photographer. Understanding of the latest styles, trends, and how the whole industry works will make you a successful photographer. This knowledge and understanding will increase your competence and creativity. Your networking skills will determine how much you know about the industry.

4. Excellent time management skills

Deadlines are everywhere. The fashion industry has more of these deadlines because you will be working on several projects concurrently. For instance, when taking photos for bamboo brand shoes or MK purses and handbags, you will find that both jobs are needed fast. You must be good at time management.

With time management and deadlines comes work pressure. Will you handle the pressure?

5. Hone your post processing skills

Also called editing skills; you must be exceptional in editing. Some images will need removal of background sounds, textures, backgrounds, contrast, saturation and removal of blurs. Your knowledge and experience using editing software like Photoshop are crucial.

6. Be ready to start small

You know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. In the same way, your fashion photography career won’t hit the roof in one take. The best way to start is volunteering or starting as an assistant photographer. You should also join an already established organization to grow through the ranks.

7. Build your portfolio

A photographer’s CV equals a portfolio. You must create a good professional portfolio with some of your best photographs. Your portfolio will land you more lucrative gigs. The best fashion photographers have excellent portfolios and you should aim at that; one step at a time. You may seek marketing help from an agent.

8. Seek professional help

Just like any other career, an expert in the field is important. This help can be through a network or a group of photographers where you will learn from others in the game.

In conclusion, a fashion photographer is the eye through which the public will judge the current trends in fashion. Fashion galas and exhibitions depend on you and you must give the best. Hone your skills, build your network, create an enviable portfolio and be on your way to being a household name.

Author Bio: Peter Wilkins is a renowned fashion photographer who attributes his success to hard work and determination. He has headed several photoshoots including shooting bamboo brand shoes recently. Read more about him on his LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.