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Nowadays, many countries see the opportunity to get an education as a privilege rather than a right of a citizen. Therefore, the costs of studying are borne completely by those interested in getting a diploma.

For many students, money is the most worrisome issue when it comes to education. It is likely that upon graduation, many will have to work years to pay their student loans. 

Luckily, there are several side income work opportunities that can help students ease their debt burden. In this article, you will find a few handy suggestions.

Essay Writing Jobs

Many students, whose writing skills and academic record are on a good level, try themselves as essay writers. Some of them write essays for other students within their educational settings; others decide to maximize revenue by getting employed by specialized services.

In any case, this is a good opportunity to earn some extra cash. Such an income can cover some unpredicted expenses that are out of the planned budget. If you are skilled, it is easy to write essays.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another job that can fit a full schedule of a student. It is a great way to earn some cash without breaking your routine or causing yourself extra trouble. Moreover, many people and businesses desperately need someone to help with managing their daily activities.

If you are an organized and diligent person, you can succeed in this job. You will be expected to manage correspondence, perform some research tasks, plan appointments, etc. 

Such an occupation guarantees several hundreds of dollars per month.

Freelance Platforms

If you have different talents and do not know where to find your first clients, consider setting up a profile on a freelance platform. There are plenty of them, here’re just a few suggestions for you:

  • Upwork;
  • Fiverr;

At first, it can be tough to get your profile noticed. Yet, as soon as you do, you will get a consistent flow of orders that will fill your pockets with cash. Just save enough time to complete them all.


If you are passionate about something and know that you can inspire others, a good idea will be trying yourself in blogging. 

It is important to find your niche and earn a loyal audience. Once you do, the website traffic and affiliate marketing will greatly pay off for all the efforts.

However, blogging becomes a more and more competitive field now. You will need to invest some money into promotion before actually earning from it. 

If you are ready to do that and sure that you can make people interested, give it a shot.

Teaching and Tutoring

If you are good at working with children and peers, becoming a tutor can be your best choice. Whether you share knowledge with neighboring children or register with special tutoring platforms, such a job is an opportunity to earn $16–22 per hour.

Yet, you should be an expert in the field to be good at tutoring. Say, you become a Math teacher. Your role will not only be solving the equation but also getting pupils to understand how to get there.

Social Media Evaluator

With the rise of social media, there are plenty of opportunities to earn using one’s smartphone. One of them is working as a search engine evaluator.

Given the abundance of information online, it has become difficult for companies to evaluate ads and track their relevance. You can help firms involved in marketing and advertising to understand what ads your audience wants to see. 

To do that, simply register with platforms like Appen or Lionbridge and go through the application process.


If you are a skilled photographer who feels the beauty and can capture nice moments, you should make money on it. There are lots of photo banks where you can sell your pictures, both edited and without filters. Undoubtedly, many companies or individuals will be willing to use them for commercial purposes.


If you feel that your driving skills are sufficient to take responsibility for passengers and your vehicle is good enough to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, you can work as a driver when time allows. 

This job can help you earn decent money while advancing communication and people skills.

All you need to do is register with Uber or Lyft, provide all of the necessary information, and start earning. The more positive reviews you have, the better.

people sitting in front of computer monitors

Final Words

Even though being a student almost always means a constant lack of money, current technological development has produced lots of side income opportunities. 

If you are willing to spend several hours each day to ease your financial burden and earn some pocket money, you should try one of the jobs mentioned above. 

It may not be enough to ensure your financial independence, but it is something that would make you less concerned with financial issues.