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Did you know that in the first nursing school built in India in 250 B.C., only men were allowed to attend because they were more “pure” than women? Ironically, as of 2021, women make up more than 80% of the nursing workforce. This article is about the importance of medical certifications for nurses. 

Medical certifications are highly crucial in the medical field because they allow medical professionals like nurses to gain the latest knowledge and skills that make them competent. In this article, we will be covering nine reasons why getting medical certifications are critical for nurses. Without any further delay let’s get right to it.

Reason #1: Increased Marketability and a Wealth of Employment Opportunities

The nursing field has many opportunities for certified nurses as they are highly sought-after by healthcare organizations. According to, employers prefer hiring certified nurses over ones who are not certified if everything else is equal. In addition, medical certifications can help strengthen your resume. They will let potential employers know that you are willing to do the extra work and have the ability to perform certain tasks without any problem whatsoever. As a certified nurse, you will be able to work in multiple roles with a wide range of patients. 

You have many options available when it comes to getting your medical certifications, including the nrp certification, wound care certification, medical-surgical nursing certification, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN), Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse (AOCN), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) and critical care certification. 

Lastly, as a certified nurse, you will meet the national standards, which will impress potential employers.

Reason #2: Get Paid More

Getting a medical certification increases your chances of getting a higher salary. That is because getting a certification will add to your knowledge, experience, and credentials.  conducted a salary survey in 2018 for nurses and reported that certified nurses’ base salary was higher than nurses who did not have a certification. Also, some employers provide certified nurses with a certification differential pay for all compensated hours. You can contact your organization’s HR department to find out more about how you can receive compensation as a certified nurse. 

Reason #3: Provide Effective Care to Patients

One of the most common reasons people become nurses is to help people and guide them towards better health. Medical certifications can help you in that goal and take you to the next level. They are not just letters or words you add at the end of your name. They are a representation of the knowledge and skills you now possess. Knowledge and skills you can put into practice to provide exceptional care to your patients, practice good judgment, and ensure the safety of your patients.

Reason #4: Increase Confidence 

Confidence is crucial when it comes to the medical profession. As a nurse, you must have confidence in yourself and your ability to do the job. It is also crucial that your colleagues have confidence in you and, even more important, that your patients believe in you. Medical certifications can help with all the above. 

Nurses have to be on their A-game at all times. They cannot afford to be down or thinking about previous mistakes while on the job. Medical certifications can help validate your nursing skills and boost your confidence in your skills, allowing you to perform better on the job. According to Karen S. Kesten, professor at George Washington University School of Nursing, certified nurses are usually more confident when taking care of patients than nurses without certification.

Reason #5: Show Employers How Dedicated you are

Medical certifications show your employers that you can handle the job responsibilities and even management-level roles, positioning you for promotions. Ainslie Nibert, the Dean at the Institute of Health Sciences Houston, believes that nurses who have medical certifications show their employers that they are ready to handle more responsibility in the organization and contribute to maintaining the standard of practice in the area of their specializations.

Reason #6: Strengthen and add Value to Your Resume

When it comes to entry-level nurses, employers prefer nurses with certifications, according to the American Nursing Association (ANA). They told the ANA that they want candidates who have the following skills:

  • Bilingualism
  • Familiar with using specialized equipment
  • Computer Skills
  • EMR Skills
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Strong desire to grow

If you are starting your career as a nurse, medical certifications can help you gain the attention of potential employers. They will show them that you are a polished professional with ambitions to grow in nursing.

Reason #7: Validate Your Experience

Medical certifications are an effective way for nurses to validate the knowledge and experience they have gained in their careers. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) published a fact sheet that reports that over 75% of the general public is well aware that nurses can specialize and receive certifications in certain areas of medical practice. The AACN also reported that over 70% preferred organizations with nurses who were certified. Getting certified will help prove to patients that you are at the highest level of expertise in your field. It will also increase your credibility and enhance your professional reputation.

Reason #8: Commitment to Lifelong Improvement

Becoming a certified nurse is not an overnight process. You will have to work for several years before you are eligible to take the exams, which require many hours of studying. The process does not stop even after you become certified. You must remain competitive in your area of expertise through structured professional development. Commitment to lifelong improvement is an integral part of being a proper professional in nursing, as continuing your education specific to your specialty will help you grow and remain at the top of your game. 


The best investment in life is to invest in oneself. It is one of the wisest things one can do in their life. Keeping up with new information, skills and technology is the only way that will make you an asset to society; that is why medical certifications for nurses are highly crucial. They provide them not only with better opportunities but salaries as well. They also gain the latest knowledge and skills to provide excellent care to every patient.