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It’s natural for the kids to have problems making friends and socializing with other kids out there. It can be a problem with both a regular kid and a kid with Autism. However, nobody should go through this phase, and thus if your child is having this issue, it is important for you as parents to break their cocoon and make them mingle more so that they have a great social life.

Well, there are not one but so many ways by which you can remove the issue of the social awkwardness of your child.

  • Try to understand their interests

The child will open up and socialize if they are surrounded by something that is of their interest. They will be more open and comfortable around it. So, try to talk to them and find out their hobby, it can be anything like sports, video games, playing musical instruments or anything similar.

Mingling with people while enjoying doing things they like will allow your kids to come in touch with like-minded people.

  • Teach them Sharing 

Most of the socially awkward kids do not like to share their things. It is a great way of making your kids open and helps them understand the importance of “socializing.” “Sharing is caring” is the quality that you must teach your kids from the beginning. If your child is selfish and does not believe in sharing, it is not a good sign.

  • Make kids attend video calls of relatives.

I am sure that many grown-up adults refer to have a voice call rather than a video call. It is tough for socially awkward people to be comfortable with video calls. Make sure that your kids are not avoid video calls. Make them talk to relatives through video calls regularly.

This way, they will understand and learn how to respond correctly and read the expressions of a person.

  • Give them feedbacks 

Suppose you find a certain habit of your kid that is not socially acceptable, like not making eye contact while talking or interrupting the conversion. Stop them and explain it to them by it is not a good habit of interrupting someone while talking and how they should behave in public respectfully.

  • Enrol your kid in social skills development programs

If your child has Autism, they need the care and attention of teachers that can understand them. Therefore, you should enroll them in the program specially designed for Autism kids. The expert teachers will give them quality Social Skills training and keep in mind their requirements, making sure they are comfortable.

  • Teach them about emotions

Make sure that your kid is sensitive regarding other people’s emotions. Make them understand each emotion like happiness, sadness, joy, anger, excitement, tiredness, nervousness, etc., and respect them.

  • Practice what you preach 

It is important that you should follow what you are teaching your kids as they are looking up to you. If you are not a good human being and an introvert yourself, your child will not listen as they watch you too.

So, if you want your kid to be socially active and respectful at the social places, then you should be the person you want your kid to be.


So, these are the seven ways with which you can try and improve your kids’ social skills. Social skills are important to lead a happy life, and they are developed and improved over a lifetime. You can say that every day you can learn something new about social skills. Good Luck!

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