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Gaining access into another country can take a lot of work and even more proven facts. You need to convince the embassy that you are there for genuine intentions. A letter statement for genuine temporary entrant will need as much information as you can gather. Having you VISA approved can be a tedious task and at times it can result in frustration. There are ways you can do this to make it a little easier.

The positive side to the GTE statement is that there is no specific format you need to follow. It’s a standard letter you can type out on any of your writing platforms. Convert it to PDF and you are ready to submit. The question then comes in with the content you have to include in the letter. I am sure you want to know what to include in your statement letter and what to leave out. These tips will give you a clear understanding of what you should be aiming for.

  1. Why this route?

You need to be clear about your purpose of internship or studies. There needs to be a clear track of research on your part. It should show that you looked into a certain program, the cost and your goals for when you get there. If you want to get accepted into a new country, this is the most important step.

  1. Accommodation

Another important factor to include is your accommodation arrangements. This needs to be proven to accommodate you for your entire stay in the country. There needs to be a proven record of an address. Add documents to prove your accommodation is legit. It’s difficult when you are just trying to get the VISA behind you first, but you have to make these arrangements prior.

  1. Career goals

Be specific about your future career goals as a standalone point. This is where you need to prove your passion for a certain industry. Sure, it’s challenging when you are still trying to figure it out yourself, but you need to have somewhat of an idea.

  1. This specific country

Immigration wants to know why you opted to do this work in another country. You need to provide information on why this is not possible where you are. Sometimes a certain program is only in a specific country, but they still need to know if this is the reason.

  1. Academic / Employment history

Create a mental sketch in your statement letter about your career or academic track record. One of the lmu requirements is that you let it be known that you are ready to start on your studies or internship once you are there. If you did not complete High School, you cannot apply to attend college in another country. This is just a rule for immigration applications.

  1. Be honest

Everything that you say in your GTE letter statement can be traced and verified. It would be in your best interest to just say what is true. Do not make up any stories to boost your chances of success. It might be detrimental.

  1. Proofread

You should proofread and edit your letter until you are 100% satisfied with the writing. Ask someone else to do it for you if you are emotionally attached to your writing. It is important to have good grammar, but it also is important to engage the reader.

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Don’t think too much into this statement letter. Do your best, be honest and you will be successful. If it fails, don’t be too hard on yourself. There is always next year. Include your achievements and skills that will help you make a success in a new country. If this is a goal of yours, don’t let this letter stop you from pursuing it.