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There are so many incredibly inspiring stories of individuals accomplishing great things. My Town Tutors loves these stories and would like to share them with others.

  1. Michael Biasini: A Truly Inspirational Teacher (4:08)
  2. Mattie Stepanek: A Great Inspirational Story (10:51)
  3. Randy Pausch: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (1:44:08)
  4. Adam Bender: An Amazing Young Athlete (9:00)
  5. Jordan Burnham: Unbreakable (15:52)
  6. Dartanyon Crockett: Carry On (21:21) (personal website)
  7. Leroy Sutton: Carry On (12:48)
  8. George Dawson: It is Never Too Late to Learn (4:31)


  1. A Teacher Makes a Difference: The Teddy Stallard Story
  2. The Mayonnaise Jar & 2 Cups of Coffee

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