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Author Bio: Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

Every academic professional, ranging from a home tutor to a university professor, can benefit from the many advantages that technology holds for education and training of students on various platforms. Following are the five ways in which technology has improved the scope of tutoring.

  • Use of Multimedia

Many research studies have shown that each student has their own specific needs and they thrive in different environments. While some learn better through one-on-one personal connection, others demonstrate better learning capabilities through use of visual, graphical or auditory simulators. The use of multimedia has improved the scope for education since it can help customize the mode of education for each student. Using multimedia in a formal classroom or in an in-person session with a home tutor can make all the difference in the way a student learns and grasps the concepts particularly when it comes to various sciences.

  • Online Courses and Tutorials

Regardless of the field of education, there is a myriad of information online waiting to be explored by students seeking better performance, and tutors looking forward to upgrade their information and improve their skills. Many of these online sources of education on various subjects are run by experts of their respective fields and can prove to be an important source of knowledge for learning. While some of these platforms charge the users for a monthly or yearly subscription, others are absolutely free and can be used for personal education or even in a classroom setting.

  • Learn from Across the Globe

While the internet is not short of e-books and online tutorials on various academic areas, video conferencing has also made the job easier for a home tutor who offers their services through platforms that offer video calls and other similar services. By mastering the use of technology and improving communication skills, home tutors and even regular teachers can use this technology and enhance their students’ classroom experience. Experts from all over the globe can offer their services through this technology to groups of students and help them with their issues without having to travel through long distances.

  • Better Information Retention

Visual representations of concepts and theories can help many students in better understanding the complexities of various subjects. Many institutions that impart formal education have adopted modern 3D visualization technology to make sure that their students have a better understanding of concepts in various fields especially when it comes to sciences and arts. From using various online sources to designing targeted content for any group of students according to their needs, there is a wide range of softwares and programs that can help the students learn according to their needs.

  • Tutoring Business is more streamlined with Technology

Whether it involves keeping records of students who are enrolled with a tutoring service or keeping the parents aware about their children’s performance, many tutoring services are managed through softwares that ensure that their systems run efficiently. Through better technological systems they ensure the presence of a tutor in each of the academic areas that they cover to help the needs of every students enrolled with them.

While the long-lasting impacts of in-person communication with an academic expert can never be undermined, academic professionals can upgrade their techniques through the use of technology and enhance the experiences of their students to a significant extent.