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5 Unique Apps That Connect Parents and Teachers

Until a few years ago, parents had little means to review their child’s progress in class. Apart from the odd parent-teacher meeting scheduled once a semester, the rest of the year would often pass  as a blank space. It wasn’t a phenomenon restricted to a certain age group; it was a reality that spanned across grades, right up to the final year of high school, where parents were left in the dark about their child’s daily activities. Yet, education technology frameworks like Pinlearn, have opened up a host of new ideas for young entrepreneurs. By bringing parents and teachers together, keeping them tightly tethered on a daily basis, and spotlighting every child’s daily journey through the power of a simple device, education technology is exploring never-seen-before arenas. Here are five fabulous apps that have taken parent-teacher associations to a whole new level.


Brightwheel is a special app that has been designed exclusively to connect entrepreneurs, administrators and teachers with parents of little learners. The app focuses on early education, specifically tailored for preschools, child care centres, nurseries and camps. The brand attempts to solve a simple problem: bridging the gap between educators and parents with the help of software for online teaching. Schools are often equipped with obsolete tools, and are consumed in paperwork, manual processes and outdated software. Brightwheel solves that problem, by providing an intuitive interface for both parties. With more than 2,500 member schools across all fifty American states, Brightwheel has created a niche for itself in the early education space. The company also has an organic marketing strategy in place, having created a teacher ambassador advisory board. These fulfilled teachers spread goodwill to other educators in their network of online teaching software.

Key Features

Brightwheel offers a spate of features for early education, and works effectively across devices. The brand has also presented research that shows that Brightwheel can save up to one hour per day, per staff member. The app is simple, swift and instinctive, meaning that teachers and parents take just a few minutes to be onboarded successfully. Plus, it offers features like digital attendance recording, daily progress sharing and paperless invoicing. Brightwheel comes in two variants: free and paid software for online teaching. While the free offering comes with basic features, the premium one is loaded with extras like messaging, calendars, staff check-in statistics, videos and customisation options.


Bloomz marries the pulse of social networking with classroom interaction. The app lets teachers welcome parents into a class group, where they can peruse class agendas, photo albums and message boards, while also seeking direct access to teachers through a private messaging feature. Bloomz was inspired by the thought that there was a social network that fulfilled every aspect of life, except education. Conventional communication had become a shaky web of reminders and meetings, and Bloomz was the perfect solution. Today, the platform is a burgeoning community of parents, who connect with each other, with teachers, and are always in the know of their child’s development with the help of online teaching software.

Key Features

Bloomz lets teachers share pictures and videos and class updates, and orchestrate meetings, reminders and volunteer sign-ups for parents. It also provides for two-way communication and behavioural updates. Bloomz is currently a pre-revenue platform, offering a free interface to both teachers and educators.


SimplyCircle overlaps Bloomz in the features that it offers, but it also extends to parent-teacher associations and other parent circles.

Key Features

Offering parent participation, calendar and reminder features, automated payment tools, events, photos, updates and documents, SimplyCircle is a useful tool to keep parent involvement optimal. The company offers reasonably-priced licenses to cover a schoolwide fraternity. With a family of four plans; one free, and the other three priced between $4.99 and $24.99, schools are free to choose a plan that suits them.


We’ve spoken at length about early learners and middle schoolers, but we’ve missed out an entire sea of students at the high school level. That’s where Remind comes in. A simple, yet effective app, Remind is crafted for parents of high school learners. The app can be used by teachers to send reminders, updates on assignments, and even kudos for specific students. Remind offers great flexibility to parents, in terms of communication with the help of software for online teaching. Teachers can send communication through the app even to parents who haven’t downloaded it. In such cases, the communication is received as an SMS.

Key Features

Remind is a versatile platform, offering various forms of communication and translation services for more than 70 languages. Like Whatsapp, Remind lets teachers view who has seen a specific message, and who might have missed out. It also becomes a communication medium for interesting activities and line-ups. The brand doesn’t offer standard quotes for its packages. Instead, it offers bespoke quotations to every potential client of online teaching software.


ClassDojo is an app that empowers younger students. It brings students together with their teachers and parents, by lending them a voice, both inside and outside the classroom. ClassDojo aims to spread a positive vibe across an educational setting, by inspiring students to do better.

Key Features

ClassDojo allows teachers to create an educational fabric that enfolds parents and students equally. Children also have the option of building their own portfolios, recording their experiences through photos and videos. It is equipped with a private messaging feature and inbuilt digital high-fives to celebrate little moments in the classroom. ClassDojo hasn’t started monetising yet, but has no plans of charging users for its services. Its monetisation strategy lies in harnessing the value of additional services, like the sale of custom yearbooks, discussion guides and downloadable lessons.

Create Your Own Collaboration Platform

The key to all these platforms is targeting school districts at large. This can only be done through personal meetings with educators, speaking to influencers, and creating distinct geographies as part of your marketing rollout. Platforms like these must be localised to fit into a regional market. In France, for example, a platform must be in sync with French educational milestones, and provide user inputs in French.

Educational requirements vary with geographies. This means that there are numerous pockets across the world where such platforms may be relevant, but not in existence. By hiring a developer to create an engaging collaboration interface and plugging it into a video framework like Pinlearn, you can target a territory and create a foothold before expanding to other markets. It’s a lucrative sector to be in; get started today