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Whether you need to cover your student expenses, to have a first experience in the labor market or just because you are tired of watching cat jokes on Facebook in your free time and want to take advantage of it, it is common that, at one point, you want to combine study and work. But working and studying at the same time is not easy. Only people who are organized, meticulous and responsible tend to fulfill both activities successfully. If you do not meet those characteristics, you are likely to live stressed and not be able to do everything right.

The combination of studying and working is for many people the only way to finish their studies or to be able to do it with greater economic solvency. However, a Student CV is almost a blank sheet, unfinished studies and little or no work experience. Where can you find work for young people without experience? There are always options, you can search for freelance jobs online in USA or a part-time job that does not require work experience and you can easily learn.

Working while you study can be very helpful. It will allow you to enter the labor market more easily where you wish to work as soon as you graduate, pay for your studies and make contacts.

If you need money and you think you can work and study at the same time, you can also consider academic writing jobs online. You will be able to choose your tasks (research papers, creative writing, academic essays or any other type of academic assignments) yourself, set your own schedule and also improve your writing skills.

However, to obtain these benefits, some efforts must be made. Below, we will tell you 5 tips to find a job as a student:

1. Begin the search

The first thing you should know is that your first job will not be the CEO of a firm. On the contrary, you must start by taking easy tasks.

The food industry offers good opportunities to younger people. Other options are recreational spaces such as zoos, museums, camps or hospitals. Another good option is to work online as mentioned above.

2. Be organized

Order is the key. For this, mark in your calendar the dates of your exams and the deadlines of your other academic activities. You should have a well-organized schedule, where you write down everything you need to do for your academic and work activities. There are great calendars for Android and iOS, where each task can be marked in one color and set priorities or alarms. 

3. Design your schedule, but with some flexibility

Surely if you are studying you cannot opt ​​for full-time jobs, since you must dedicate part of your day to your studies. Design a schedule in which you could work. You should keep in mind, not only your class hours, but also the time you need to dedicate to studying or doing work outside of class time. It is preferable to look for part-time jobs on the weekend or flexible hours, to not be exhausted and leave for lack of time.

Another good option can be specific work, either to make substitutions or as reinforcement when there are production peaks. Summer, Christmas and other specific dates are a good time to find these types of offers.

4. Promote yourself

For this you can distribute flyers in your neighborhood with the tasks you can do, but not with all your personal information. Tell those around you about your desire to get a job, they may help you in the search.

5. Be realistic

Never lose sight of how happy you are to be able to work and earn money to live and pay for your studies. Also, do not blame yourself if at some time you cannot fulfill with everything. Studying and working at the same time is not impossible, but it is very hard. It is important to control stress, taking care of yourself is the main ingredient of success.

Don’t forget about the reasons that motivate you to work and study at the same time. Not all people would dare to do it and surely you do it for certain reasons. Working and studying at the same time is very hard and there will be many times when you want to give up, but following these tips you will have good results. So, stop watching animal jokes on Facebook or videos on YouTube in your free time and use it to make some money.