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Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers are both trained professionals in different areas. Speech development is often a struggle for teachers, especially on a regular basis. School-based SLPs have a specific set of skills that will help teachers work with their students with language and speech disorders.

Many teachers use varied techniques in teaching students who have disorders. However, most of them struggle because techniques for working with these types of students depend on student behavior.  Rather than focusing on a comprehensive plan and application, teachers often focus on speech pattern corrections  inside the classroom. This method can lead to student frustration and embarrassment resulting in further negative impacts.  Understanding best practices for teaching children with speech impediments or disorders requires a well thought out plan, and often consultation with a speech therapist. 

Re-Cast And Expand

When the student or child makes a mistake in their language and speech, it is not essential to correct them in an old-fashioned way. When they are in a regular classroom, and the lesson is not about grammar, correcting every error will take up all of your teaching time. Speech therapy for kids must be a slow process for them to understand correctly.

Teachers must provide their students with positive results in their language attempts and give them a model with a sentence that is shown and corrected so that teachers can still add more information. This will also be applied not just for the kids, but also for people who still want to learn new things and concepts.

Wait Time

Wait time is an essential tool when you talk about language. Most of the students will process all the information in their separate ways and speeds. After the students perform the process of the language, they will now need to formulate the answers. Teachers must teach their students in a slow way for them to learn and understand properly.

For example, if someone will ask you about a math problem and try to calculate the answer inside your mind, they will call your name out again and repeat the problem question, but they phrased it differently. The information that you have worked on will be gone already, and you need to start over. 

Wait time is complicated and challenging and being silent is hard. Rushing a student can lead to cluttering speech. We are tasked to fill it, especially the introverts inside the classroom. It would help if you let the students wait and give them time to process all the information you will provide them with. The other advantage of “waiting” is that by allowing them more time to develop a response, they’re more likely to answer your question succinctly.


There is a misconception associated with visuals that they’re a crutch most students want to rely on. The concern stems from teachers feeling visual will lead to a dependence and become directly tied to their confidence and ability to formulate thought.   If used correctly, visuals will be a valuable tool for both the classroom’s behavior and academic facets of the students.

Visuals will give students another form of  input to maintain the auditory information for the whole day of listening. Using a Visual schedule can relieve students from stress, and it will allow them to focus on what they are currently learning. Visuals can also help reduce interruptions inside the classrooms depending on the technique.

Furthermore, visuals can remind the child about the steps and processes in their math or science class, morning or end day routines, and checking assignments. Graphic design organizers are a visual type that can help every student who is having a hard time understanding concepts and organizing thoughts.

Give Specific Feedback

Teachers must give their students feedback for precisely saying the sounds. Don’t criticize the students for saying the sound incorrectly in the classroom where there are many students watching. They must have confidence in speaking because it is important not to provide negative feedback to the teachers and a large group of students.

Highlight Target Sounds

Highlight or underline a target sound so that they can read and study it out in advance during their homework activities and assignments. It will give students an awareness of the sound’s context and provide them with a carryover activity for more minor children who are having a hard time dealing with their speech. 


Everyone will need to work on their articulation of speaking. Not only will the students need to learn about it, but also adults.  Many adults are still having a hard time practicing clear and proper speech with precise language in their professional setting. It is important to learn the simple and easy steps for you to practice the appropriate vocabulary. Doing so will make it easier to provide speech patterns examples to your impressionable students.