Twitter is a great way to connect with others and develop relationships. There certainly is a learning curve and there are many different approaches to achieving your goals.
The #1 goal of My Town Tutors is to connect with teachers and parents to share our belief that “Teachers are great tutors!” We reach out to other through guest blogs, blogs, direct mailings, and most importantly twitter.
Here is a look into a twitter day for @mytowntutors, @mytowntutorsTX, @mytowntutorsMA, @mytowntutorsMI, @mytowntutorsNW. We have prioritized the following important daily tasks.

  1. Update blog:Our blog is a main tool to attract parents and teachers to My Town Tutors. We are very proud of the the quality of authors and the variety of topics we share with our guest blogs. We are focusing most of our energy into providing amazing content for teachers and parents through quality blog posts.
  2. Check email: Email is our #1 means of communication with our guest bloggers and others who share our vision of teachers being great. We check our email a few times a day and try to respond as quickly as possible. Many times a great guest post will be about an upcoming event with a deadline. Whenever possible we will share that post the same day we receive it.
  3. Share Blog / Important Information via Twitter: Twitter is our primary tool to share information with our followers. For each blog, we share a tweet. We also will sometimes use twuffer to schedule the same tweet for later in the day, month, or in some cases year.
  4. Respond to replies: Since time is a valuable commodity, we do not feel the need to respond to all replies, but there are some that are essential to our goals on twitter. We do place a great importance on respecting our twitter relationships and responding in a timely fashion to maintain these quality relationships.
  5. Welcome followers: Some of our accounts attract more followers than others, but we feel it is important to say hello to new connections. Pay particular attention to individuals new to twitter. We have made some of our best connections with new accounts that have few followers.

If you are a teacher who tutors, register with us for just $12 for a year. This is the only fee! Teachers keep 100% of the money.
Parents, “teachers are great tutors!” Find one in your area today!