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Capturing the students’ attention and conveying the ideas effectively are the biggest challenges for any teacher. From keeping up with the school curriculum to running daily classes, it seems difficult to make time for creativity in the classroom.

Yet it’s necessary to find ways to keep your lessons interesting so that the students can learn and retain the information you deliver. To help make your teaching plan more engaging, we put together five unique ideas to promote creativity in the classrooms. 

Incorporate Audio & Visual Tools Into Your Class

Skip the theory and let them dive into the real world wherever possible. Though textbooks and lesson plans are a great part of the teacher curriculum, unconventional teaching materials help students to think out of the box. Using the audio and video tools in student classroom can help their imagination grow.

You can get oral subject materials, conduct online discussions, and playback recordings of the lectures. Some of the interesting ideas are:

Podcasts: Think of any subject or topic, and you’ll find a podcast covering it. You can browse through the list of educational podcasts to get ideas for your lesson plans.

Ted Talks: Leaders or role models play a major role in the creative development of the students. What better way to bring the world’s inspiring leaders to your classrooms than using TED talks in the teaching curriculum.

Besides these, you can use movies, pictures, infographics, and other brain mapping tools to boost creativity.

Put A Little Mystery In Your Teaching

Learning can be fun for the students if they don’t know what to expect. If you incorporate a sense of mystery and surprise into your lessons, it makes the kids more curious. Instead of coming right out to the answers, you can build suspense in all subjects, not just Science. When you are going to unveil a new lesson, give your students a clue to find out what they’ll be learning next. 

As you give them a clue to solve a historical mystery, they would act like history detectives to find the answers. Further, you can make kids wonder about the “magic” formula to calculate the area of a circle. Besides, there are other classroom activities to create mystery such as storytelling, riddles, puzzles, etc.

Use Role Play As A Teaching Strategy

Teaching via role-playing is a fantastic way to make your students step out of their comfort zone. This method comes handy while teaching history, literature, and current events. It helps the students to understand how the academic material is relevant to the everyday tasks. Also, it develops their interpersonal skills. This innovative idea is effective for students of all age groups, including preschoolers. 

Stimulate The Classroom Environment

Positive environment plays a significant role in learning and development. A classroom environment that is fun, well-decorated and engaging help stimulate students’ mind so that they can learn better. Such a creative atmosphere helps them to explore new ideas and learn more about the subject.

Organize Classes Outside The Classrooms

Some lessons are learned better if taught outside the classroom. You can organize field trips relevant to the topics, or simply take the students for a walk outside the class. It will make them feel fresh and exciting. Without making much effort, they will be able to grasp whatever you teach them quickly. 


Creative classrooms don’t only look different; they make students feel different as well. The more you make your class interactive, the better your students will enjoy learning. We hope these innovative ideas would help you to add more color, excitement, and passion to your classroom.