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Teaching can basically be defined as passing on knowledge/information. It has often been considered a skill and in some cases one can get a good training on teaching but will still be lacking in being an excellent teacher. Students will always expect the teacher to know everything and with this being said, have high expectations. As was emphasized by online essay writer, a few factors may influence the art of being a good teacher: approach to the subject matter and delivering quality content is but a few. 

5 Must have features of a good teacher

As mentioned above, teaching is a skill and while some do well in it, others transcend the genre and are almost excellent in it. Below are 5 essential features that any good teacher should have.

  1. Goal Oriented

A well defined set of objectives and goals of the course being studied should be presented to the students at the beginning of the term. This should act as a guide for the both teacher and the student so that the students know what to expect from the lesson. 

With a clear set of goals and objectives, the teacher is in a good position to keep up with the student’s progress and pin point out struggling areas. This enables the teacher to either try to use a different approach or apply different techniques for better understanding.

2. Passion

Passion is the underlying secret ingredient to every success story. Teaching is therefore no exception. A good teacher is expected to show zeal and the love of the subject while teaching. 

Passionate teachers can be infectious; they will automatically make the lesson fun and exciting for the students. They always show up for their students and always go the extra mile for them.

3. Student’s engagement

One way of making any subject exciting is through engagement. Encouraging different thoughts and perspectives in the classroom will not only make the classroom livelier but will also aid in absorption of the material by the students. 

A lack of student engagement leads to a lot of distraction, day dreaming and in some cases napping during the lecture. It is important to keep the attention of the students from the moment the class commences to its completion. 

4. Knowledgeable 

A good teacher should always stay ahead in the game. There are some subjects like technology that change with every rising sun. New programmes and software are invented, hackers crack through different firewalls, the list is endless. With such concerns, a good teacher should be knowledgeable and move with the times. 

Teaching with limited knowledge or relying on material that is almost outdated will make the students miss out on quality information.

 5. Management Skills

Good management skills are not only applicable in an office setting but also in everyday life activities. A good teacher should know how to control, manage and train kids as he/she gives out a lecture. Students can sometimes be unruly and make a simple joke that can turn into topic of discussion for the rest of the lecture. A good lecturer should be able to sway back the crowd to what matters most. 

Other management skills include being punctuality, punishing bad behavior and follow strict punctuality rules. 


The influence of a good teacher is carried through the life of an individual and having a great teacher impacts positively on anyone’s life.