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Do you not want to know which country leads the world in Bitcoin trading? Reports suggest that the US and UK have the largest numbers of registered cryptocurrency exchanges. Countries like India, Mexico, Argentina and Indonesia have strikingly low number of registered cryptocurrency exchanges. If you consider Venezuela for instance, you will find that most citizens are turning towards the Bitcoin as a safe haven, to preserve whatever little funds they still have left in an environment of oppression and political turmoil. In terms of trade volume, Venezuela ranks fourth amongst the leaders in crypto trading.

Top leaders in Bitcoin Trading:

  1. The US is definitely the leader when it comes to Bitcoin trade volume, being home to majority of crypto activities and exchanges, funds, trading platforms, blockchain-driven projects, and mining facilities. No surprises then why people would view the United States as having the biggest numbers of Bitcoin owners. The automated bitcoin trading bots such as bitcoin revolution are influencing the cryptocurrency world and specifically increasing the bitcoin trade. 
  2. Romania finds a position in the list of leading Bitcoin trading countries because it has many international businesses, freelancer developers and programmers that are closely involved with crypto activities. With growing demands for Bitcoins in Romania, the country’s Bitcoin ecosystem has also evolved. Bitcoin Romania, a noted Bitcoin exchange announced its partnership with local money-transferring company Smith & Smith in order to make way for Bitcoin purchases in almost 70 locations across the country. Besides Coin Flux and Bitcoin Romania, many other startups are actively working to bring the Bitcoin to this country. Nearly 12% of their user pool owns at least a single type of crypto asset and of these, Bitcoin is the most popular.
  3. The Czech Republic is an exception because most of its East European neighbors are not into trading cryptocurrencies. This country has a full-fledged crypto community and nearly 9% of consumers have investments. Incidentally, Prague had been home to the first Bitcoin café in the world and this city is one of the leading cities in terms of records of the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs. The country holds the distinction of having the very first mining pool and first hardware wallet.
  4. China may have made news for cracking down on crypto activities, but it still holds records for high digital trades. Its top cryptocurrency exchanges are involved in big Bitcoin trade volumes on an everyday basis. According to studies, many citizens are relocating to areas with power plants to enjoy cheap electricity for mining Bitcoins.
  5. Spain is home to many bank ATMs that support cryptocurrency exchanges, and exchange of Bitcoins to standard fiat currencies. This is a positive development for mainstream Bitcoin adoption; according to reports, as many as 96 ATMs are currently in Spain for handling Bitcoin trades. While Malta may be leading when it comes to blockchain and Bitcoins, Spain deserves mention for being home to a considerably large population of cryptocurrency enthusiasts investing in Bitcoins and various altcoins. In the last few years more companies have started accepting altcoins like ETH, BTC and XRP.

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