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Lora Jonson is an active guest post writer and she works as a content manager. She believes that her articles help people to be more productive and achieve success in their life. Besides, she is interested in painting, traveling and self-improvement. Her life credo is “Be, do and have what you’re here for.”

Applying to do your PhD is a big step for any professional. At this stage, you have considered all of the pros and cons and decided that this is the way to go. Your PhD personal statement is going to play a huge role in the success of your application. This is the essay you need to nail all the way through. There are some tips you can apply to help your application’s chances of success. Always keep in mind that there will probably be a lot of applicants. There is almost no room for error. In fact, you have to eliminate all obstacles in your way. At the end of the day, you can only do your best. These tips will elevate your best attempt at writing a winning PhD application.

  1. Highlight achievements

We have become a modest society in the hope that we are not judged. It is important to let go of those thoughts during this process. You are not bragging, you are simply highlighting your achievements. This is an opportunity to impress a board of people. You have to use this space to bring attention to what you have achieved over the years. There is absolutely no shame in doing so. Your resume only goes that far in explaining some of the great achievements you’ve had.  

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Find your balance by going through both your strengths and your weaknesses. It is always difficult to talk about our weaknesses. It’s especially difficult when you want to impress someone. In this moment, you need to remind yourself that the reader is an actual human being. The board might connect with you more if they knew you are someone who learns from their mistakes and shortcomings. It takes a lot of courage to discuss what we are flawed in.

3. Requirements

Make sure you meet all of the requirements on the list. Do not leave anything out, unless there is good reason for it. If you need a recommendation letter for PhD, be sure to ask someone to get this done early. No matter what it takes, be sure to include all of the documents that is required. Sometimes, you can have your application thrown out, simply by missing one piece of information.

4. Examples

We are visual creatures and looking at something before we attempt it always helps. You can find a ton of examples of PhD applications online. This is not going to be the same route you take your application in, but it does serve as great motivation. In those moments when you have writer’s block, it is a good way to break free from it. When you see what others have achieved, your goal starts becoming more achievable.

5. Proofread

One way of saving yourself a lot of disappointment is to leave enough time to proofread. An economics PhD personal statement is very technical. There is so much room for little mistakes on a personal statement. It takes less than an hour to proofread and edit a personal statement. Sometimes it is those few minutes that take your application from average to amazing. We constantly try to rush important tasks, but this one will be better if you take it a little slow.

What are your tips for a strong PhD Application? 

Ensuring that you are successful in this application is crucial. No one applies for their PhD in the hopes of not being accepted. This is why you need to do your best. Give it the time and effort that is necessary. You need to stand out from the rest of the applicants and one way to do this is to go the extra mile. As cliché as this sounds, it still works when you put in the effort. At the end of the day, if you were not accepted, you can be rest assured that you gave it your absolute best.