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Education is certainly the most important part of your life. Getting a degree may be hard but using social media to foster the process is fun and exciting. If you run an educational business, then the best idea is to represent it using social media to grow your Instagram account, for instance. Instagram is the best platform that allows you to not only learn but learn by heart. You can grow your Instagram account to reach out to more students. Below are some of the accounts worth following from an educational point of view.

1.  Subway Book Review

If you have chosen English as a subject, then Subway Book Review is the account that you must focus on. From book reviews to general English literature-related queries, this account has been at the forefront to resolve student issues. The best part is the way the account owner commutes and asks the people about the different books and whether they are worth reading. It makes this account all the more interesting and fun-filled.

2.  Futurism

Science, technology, space, and artificial intelligence are some of the platforms that belong to the future. If you are a science student, this is the account that will make studying easier and more fascinating. The facts about past developments and how they have paved a way for the future are also discussed. Since you are pinpointed towards the future, so it is one of the best accounts that must be followed. The content creators also focus that how to present technologies will shape the future.

3.  History Photographed

Have you ever wondered what was it like to be a soldier in World War I? If yes, then this is the channel that will get you a round trip to history through photos. It not only makes history interesting but also allows you to learn different aspects of different cultures that have existed. With this account, you will easily understand the important historical events and how they have shaped our societies. Follow this account to get the latest updates to help you with the subject.

4.  The British Library

Students have a special bond with the libraries and if we are talking about online one then The British Library is the account that makes the process of discovering what to read easier. With this account, you can access thousands of books that will make learning about any subject fun and engaging. Education is incomplete without books and to cover the gap for the students this account is highly recommended. With this account, you can easily access the knowledge base that is required to at least pass the exams.

5.  Thoughtfully Magazine

If you are a philosophy student, then this is the account that must be followed to get the latest updates about the events that are happening. From quotes to images this account has everything that you can think of. It also covers a wide variety of topics that are emerging so that the process of learning is made easier and more intriguing. If you are worried about your mental and emotional well-being of yours, then give it a shot. It will teach you to get important things by taking one step further.