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Top Summer Blogs for Parents & Top Summer Jokes for Kids

Ahh, summer! A time to relax, enjoy yourself, and take in the beauty of the world around you – unless you have kids. If you have kids, chances are that your summer is going to be a bit more difficult. Your kids are out of school, restless, and craving excitement and adventure.

If you don’t have anything for them to do, they’ll probably be bouncing off the walls a few days after school lets out – and driving you totally nuts! Well, don’t worry! We’re here with 5 awesome, free summertime activities that you can use to keep your kids busy – all summer long!

1. Play Games With The Neighbors

In this world of digital connectivity, it can sometimes be hard to connect with your neighbors. And that’s a shame – because your neighborhood is probably chock-full of kids who are looking to have some fun with other children their age.

But there’s a silver lining – there are many modern communication technologies that make it easier than ever to connect with people in your neighborhood. You can use websites like Nextdoor to connect with people who have children, and set up neighborhood game days.

Other advanced apps like DialMyCalls are very useful for this, too – if your neighbors tend to forget about game days and planned activities, you can use the advanced DialMyCalls app to send voice and text message reminders to groups of up to 25 people – making it easier than ever to organize a day of fun for your kids.

What games should you play? The options are limitless, but you should try to stick to games that don’t require specialized equipment – that way, everyone can play! Here are a few ideas.

  • Ghosts In The Graveyard – Kids love this spooky game! Wait until it’s night out, and your kids will have a blast running around the neighborhood and scaring each other in this unique variation of “tag”.
  • Capture The Flag – Kids love chasing each other around, and capture the flag doesn’t require any special equipment, making it a fantastic choice.
  • Freeze Tag – Freeze tag is a total blast with a ton of kids. One kid is “it” and runs around tagging the other kids – who can be “untagged” if they’re touched by another kid who hasn’t yet been tagged.

There are many other games you can play with the neighborhood kids, and remember – the more, the merrier! Invite everyone in the neighborhood to play using DialMyCalls, and your kids are sure to have a fantastic time (and wear themselves out, to boot!)

2. Backyard Camping

Maybe you can’t afford to get out of town for a real camping trip – but what does that matter? If you’ve already got a tent and some basic camping supplies, you can have just as much fun in your own backyard.

Set up your tent a bit away from the house, build a firepit, and bring out the s’mores fixings. You and your kids are going to have a great time camping – even if you can’t make it to a campsite.

This is also a great way for less-outdoorsy kids to enjoy the great outdoors. They can always retreat back to the house if they’re not having a good time, so you won’t have to deal with any attitude!

3. Explore Local Farmer’s Markets

Farmers markets are a growing trend in the US, and they’re a fantastic place to explore with your children. Even if you can’t spend any money, you’ll likely get to try some free samples, and you can talk to local farmers, artisans, and businesses about their products, and learn more about the locally-sourced items that are available in your community.

Lots of farmer’s markets also have dedicated children’s areas and activities, or are held in public parks with playgrounds and other child-friendly equipment. So even if your children aren’t too interested in looking around, they’ll always have something to do while you browse.

4. Go For A Picnic

Picnics are a fun, free way to enjoy a great summer day. Free? Well, your kids have to eat lunch anyway, right? That means you’ve already bought food – so just pack some sandwiches, grab a cooler full of juice, and head out to your favorite local park for a fun-filled afternoon.

If your kids are night-owls or stargazers, you can also plan a night-time picnic. This is an awesome way to show your kids the beauty of nature at night. Check out this light pollution map, and find an area near you that will give you and your children a great view of the stars.

Even if your kids aren’t burgeoning astronomers, they’re sure to appreciate the natural beauty of the night sky.

5. Visit The Library

If it’s a real scorcher outside and your kids can’t handle the heat, why not go to the library? Modern libraries can provide kids with free books, movies, music, and games – and many libraries host summer events for children, including book readings and special musical shows.

Check out your local library’s event schedule, and head on down next time it’s too hot for your favorite outdoor activity.

Keep Your Kids Busy – And Stay Sane During The Summer!

When school’s out, it can be difficult to find enough activities to make up the time your kids usually spend learning – but with this list of 5 free summertime activities, you’re sure to have what you need to keep your kids busy, and have a great time all summer long.

So try out these activities, and give your kids the best summer of their lives – without spending an arm and a leg. You’ll make sure that they’re never bored, and when they’re older, they’re sure to relish the great memories that they made with you during the summer.