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Below is an activity from a local Massachusetts high school teacher to prepare his students for the most exciting Mathematical day of the year – Pi Day which is March 14th or 3.14. This lesson will give the students background information on Pi Day, interesting facts about Pi, and also show the excitement and passion people have for math.

Math teachers of all ages, please feel free to use this activity.


Find an interesting fact, a math problem, a song, a poem, etc about Pi. Display your “slice of pi” knowledge on a circle (10” minimum in diameter).
Include on the back of your circle the following:

  • Source for you fact/problem/song/etc.
  • specific period and subject
  • Your Name

Following is a list of websites that may help you.

This teacher has 2 decades of experience in the classroom and he has found the above websites to be great! I am sure you will find this extremely useful, however one website is a must on March 14th – The Pi Day Challenge 2012.

High schools should have every student accept the challenge. It can be accessed in a variety of ways. I can guarantee you it will be challenging and exciting. The Pi Day Challenge 2012 is a great example of 21st century learning. You will be so happy you tried.

The creator of the Pi Day Challenge, Matthew Plummer, is a former teacher who has donated thousands of hours over the years to this amazing project. If you enjoy it, please consider donating the Pi Day sum of $3.14. It is a great source of learning and enjoyment for so many. You donation will make sure this great activity continues in the future.

“For 3 years, the team at Pi Day Challenge has been inspiring students, math wizards, teachers, and redditors to explore math and logic. Last year, we had over 125k visitors in just a few days.”


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