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Basketball Jokes: Why did the basketball player go to jail?…  Because he shot the ball! (Top Basketball Jokes for Kids)
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Coaching Youth Basketball 101

Checkout Basketball Drills and IdeasHere are some specific drills and ideas for 4th grade basketball.
Top Basketball Jokes!
Rebounding is a very important skill for youth basketball players. It is a skill that players rarely practice on their own, so it is important for coaches to incorporate time in practice to develop the skill of rebounding. At the 4th grade travel team level, there are very few players who are complete rebounders. Most have extremely limited rebounding skills.

Basketball coaches of all ages and skill level understand the importance of rebounding. On defense, it limits the scoring opportunities of opponents and also starts the fast break offense. On offense, it is is an easy and effective way to score baskets

As a coach of developing players, the big question is “Where should I start?” The following drills will be a good starting point for 4th grade players. Start with the most basic drills before moving onto the next drill.

Important Skills & Drills

1. Field Goals: A GREAT forward keeps his hands up high AT ALL TIMES! It makes a player a better rebounder and a much bigger target offensively. Defensively, a post player having his “field goals” up, will discourage many opponents from even shooting the ball. Having field goals up is a simple habit that can be developed early. This simple skill will  make the players better moving forward!

2. Jump & Catch the Ball: Not many developing 4th grade players jump for the ball at the start of the season. It is important to have players learn how to time the jump and catch the ball at the highest point. Once the players learn the habit of keeping “field goals” up and are able to jump and catch the rebound your team should see some greater success on offense and defense.

3. Securing a Rebound: This is one of the most basic skills that not all the 4th graders possess. Each forward should be able to jump and secure the rebound. Each game and each practice the forwards will complete this drill. A coach will stand on one block and throw the ball off the backboard to the other block. Players should secure the rebound and chin the ball. Variation: Add an outlet pass.

4. Rebound & Quick Put-back: Once the basics of field goals, jumping, and catching are mastered, the players need to learn how to secure the rebound and go right back up with it. The very best players in the league can rebound and go up quickly and strongly. At the start of the season, no player (on my team) was capable of grabbing a rebound and going up for a shot. Most players turned to the sideline and looked to pass away from the basket. In game #2 one player shot it right away (air ball) so this was a step in the right direction. Rebounding the ball and scoring needs to be the #1 skill coaches teach during the 1st half of the season. It should be included in all positional drill sessions during practices and pre-game warm-ups. Pre-game right / left side (2:00 each). Completing the drill each time a team practices or plays a game will send a message that rebounding is a critical skill!
Good luck. Please check out our coaching youth basketball page which will be updated throughout the season.