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One of the things that the majority of students dread is writing an analysis essay on a film because it requires a lot of critical thinking and analytical skills. The goal of every film review is to highlight the features of a particular movie.  The good thing about this kind of writing is that you will have an opportunity to watch a film before expressing your opinion. Below you can find a detailed guide on writing a film analysis.

Getting started on an analysis essay on a movie

Before you begin the process of writing about the movie, you will need to take time and watch it as you have to reflect on its theme. Consider all the key elements such as mood, theme, symbolism, plot, photography, actors’ mastery etc. A great analysis essay should begin with a thesis where you state the claim on whether you support the film or not. This should be followed by your interpretation and the way this affects the audience. Pay attention to the interesting ideas in the movie that make you think it is worth investigating.

How to write the Introduction of a movie analysis

Ensure that you have a killer introduction. Mind that it should be short. In the opening paragraph, you should include background data on who was its director, when it was produced and whether it is based on a book. Other information to include in this part is its intention and release date. Mention any interesting ideas about it that make it worth investigating.

Therefore, the introduction of the analysis should provide a summary of the movie and a basic explanation of the plot so that it remains relevant to the theme’s discussion. As long as you have all the necessary information, this part should not be too difficult to write. Some students prefer composing the introduction in the last turn. If you finding it hard to write this part, there are essay writing service reviews where you can find best website for a movie analysis.

How to write the body of a film analysis

When writing the body paragraph, you need to focus on the elements that are already mentioned in your introduction. This part should interpret, analyze and even evaluate the movie. Make sure the body is well organized, and in a logical way, discuss the specific elements such as the technical as well as non-technical production aspects, which may include acting, directing, costumes, scenery and lighting.

Once you presented the facts about the film, you will need to get deeper into the analysis and summary. If you want to make this stronger, assume that the reader of the paper hasn’t seen the film. This will ensure that no important information is left out. Feel free to discuss anything that is related to the style and structure. Mention your opinion regarding the movie too. The most important thing is to ensure that you support your claims with the examples and quotes from the movie.

The analysis is the backbone of the paper and requires criticality and expressing your impression regarding the peculiarities of a film. You should support this with claims from the movie as well as other relevant materials. Remember that each film is a complex artwork that is combined from many creative elements, which are all connected. This is why you need to consider things like directing, scenarios, acting, musical elements and visual elements.

When writing the body, you should:

Have an argument for every paragraph;

Avoid getting distracted from your main points;

Introduce each paragraph using a topic sentence and end it with a conclusion sentence;

Have your points flowing smoothly forming coherent arguments;

In every paragraph, refer to your thesis statement.

How to conclude a movie analysis

When writing the conclusion of a film analysis, you should recapitulate the thesis. Use this part to provide a summary of the concepts mentioned. Take time to show why this picture is of interest depending on your description in the body. To conclude the film analysis, you need to review your opinion on the movie even if you persuade the reader either to watch the movie or not. 

Writing an analysis essay on a film doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In fact, it should be easy and exciting. All you need to do is to follow the above guidelines on structuring the papers, the details to take note of and the ways to make the essence of your paper. With this information in mind, you will not only enjoy writing an analysis essay on a movie but you will always look forward to composing the next one.