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Now that you are ready to join college, you have to make one more big decision; where to stay. Of course your accommodation will affect the quality of life you enjoy during college.

Some accommodation options allow free interactions with other students and ultimately, this will improve your social life. Some lodgings are restrictive and you might not have an enjoyable time and in fact, this might affect your class performance.

If you are planning to join college, it is time to learn what accommodation options you have in order to make the right choice. Take a look:

1. Public University Halls

University-managed accommodation still exists in most colleges. However, investment in these facilities is reducing as institutions struggle to improve quality. For years, many institutions have focused on attracting numbers and today, more money is being diverted to quality.

These halls are therefore old-school and you will not find many modern facilities which you can get at private student halls. However, university halls are ideal if this is your first time away from home, though you should be ready to live with whoever the college decides. There are no guarantees on the type of room or roommate you will get and with so many students cramped in these halls, there is a lot of noise to deal with.

2. Private Student Halls

Purpose-built private student halls are now a popular accommodation option for students who don’t want to live in public university halls. These facilities are owned by private companies and offer cutting-edge amenities which you might not find in university halls. Most colleges have approved certain accommodation facilities.

The fact that they are purpose-built makes these facilities more spacious and the extra amenities are an advantage to the student. Downing students accommodation in Edinburgh combines the city’s rich heritage and beauty to provide the perfect learning environment.

3. Living at Home

This is a limited accommodation option which is only viable if your family lives within Edinburgh or the neighbouring areas. It is a good way to cut costs but then you will miss out on all the fun of living independently in college. You will not have a good chance to know your fellow students and it denies you the chance to learn how to live in a multi-cultural community. While it is a hassle-free option, living at home denies you the chance to grow an independent streak. You will also have to live under your parents’ rules and this will inevitably cause friction in your relationship.

4. Private Rentals

This is the least common accommodation option among university students and for obvious reasons. It is expensive and you might be forced to stay away from college. You have to find a source of money to pay all your bills and you should be ready to deal with the landlord or the letting agent. Renting a place while in college offers independence but it is very expensive.

There you have it; if you are looking for university student accommodation, start with these options and  you will find the best place to stay based on your lifestyle, living needs and budget.