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Digital Learning: U.S. History & 180 School Jokes

How many students do you see without a gadget today? A handful? Digital devices have become an inseparable part of their lives. Be it play or study, their online environment encompasses all! And it’s not just the need to be perceived as the popular child on the block, but students develop a lot with this digital world and are more practical than their parents or teachers realize.

The notion of technology in classrooms is replete with potential of transforming the way students learn. As compared to other learning sources, students are more excited about the eLearning platforms designed with features similar to those of popular social media sites.

Here are the some of the many advantages of eLearning, due to which it has gained a solid popularity among K-12 students.

1. Blends easily with their digital world

A majority of students’ lives revolves around social media. Online platforms like Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook is their world. However, most teachers don’t realise the power of these digital tools in context of learning. Vine and Youtube offer collaboration possibilities when students need to create videos on different subjects. Twitter chats are superb for debates and discussions, while Pinterest is a great visual platform to learn, share and get inspired. Simply put, smartly designed eLearning tools adapt well with the digital world, and hence the concept is more appreciated by students.

2. Video-friendly

Online platforms like YouTube are some of the best sources of digital education. The videos use various formats to engage students and help them learn better and faster. Children across age groups, use videos to complete their homework and projects, learn tricks to study better, and get inspiration and ideas for learning activities and do much more.

3. Play and learn

eLearning offers limitless interesting options to make even the most boring subjects engaging and the most complicated topics, relatively easy. Concepts like Gamification which employ gaming principles and mechanics in non-game context like learning are a huge hit with students when it comes to tackling difficult topics. Students gather points, badges, trophies while crossing levels and at the same time learning different aspects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. Tutors can study the data gathered from the child’s progress to determine a student’s weak and strong points.

4. Accessible anywhere and anytime

Students love their mobile devices and are rarely seen without them. eLearning, especially through devices like tablets is fast gaining students’ admiration, because they offer both – the reliability of laptops and mobility of smart phones. Surveys have shown that an astounding percentage of students use a tablet in their school life. Numerous types of learning apps are available which can be accessed without internet connection. K-12 students today, even find online tutorials from expert teachers very useful.

So, whether it’s a group discussion regarding flora in a park or learning about marine life on a beach, students are preferring eLearning more with each passing day, because of the tremendous flexibility it offers! So be it videos, gamification or other digital tools, online education has evolved incredibly and the students simply love it.

About the author: Dana Jandhyala began her career in education with Montessori Schools in the USA and later taught in Kuwait and Bahrain. Today as the Co-founder & Managing Director of SchoolPage, she helps students with online tutorials that are personalized. She writes to make concepts easy to understand for children, and also to help them study and prepare better. Her forte is delivering the latest educational content in a manner that is simple and easy to comprehend.