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Google Search “National Pancake Day Jokes”

  1. Where do most people eat pancakes during a Leap Year?… IHOP. (Lear Year Jokes)
  2. What did the pancake say to the complimentary muffin?… I’m flattered!
  3. What did the young pancake say to the old burnt pancake?… I don’t like your flip side. (Grandparent Jokes)
  4. I tried making pancakes… But I ended up with flapjacks instead. I guess I used too much synonym,
  5. Went to a pancake restaurant, and asked if my dinner would be long.  “No, sir, round” came the reply.
  6. Did you know today is Pancake day, apparently it just creped up on us.
  7. What do the New York Yankees and pancakes have in common?… They both need a good batter! (101 Baseball Jokes & New York Jokes)
  8. How do you make a pancake smile?… Butter him up. (180 School Jokes & Butter Jokes)
  9. A pancake I know tried to make it as a singer, but he was too flat.
  10. Why do comedians never tell pancake jokes?… They always fall flat!
  11. I really feel like having some pancakes… maybe I don’t…I just can’t stop waffling.
  12. What did the pancake say to the baseball player?… Batter up!
  13. What does the pope put on his pancakes?… Papal syrup.
  14. How did the pancake become the king?… He u-syruped the throne.
  15. What’s the best pancake topping?… More pancakes.
  16. My successful pancake business was recently shut down… Someone tipped off the police that I was selling them hot.
  17. Phoned the pancake restaurant and asked for a table for two.  Chap said I had the wrong number so asked for a table for four instead.
  18. How do elves eat their pancakes?… In short stacks. (101 Christmas Jokes)
  19. How do leprechauns eat their pancakes?… In short stacks. (St. Patrick Day Jokes)
  20. Why didn’t the waffle go to the pancake party?… He was a square.
  21. Went to a fusion restaurant and had pelican in a pancake… Tasted ok, but the bill was enormous.
  22. When the little boy was making pancakes why did the batter run away?… Because it said crack 2 eggs then beat it!
  23. How does a panda make his pancakes in the morning? With a pan…duh.
  24. This morning I tried to flip my eggs like I do with my pancakes, Yolks on me.
  25. What do you call someone who can’t turn pancakes?… A flip-flop.
  26. Did you know today is Pancake day, apparently it just creped up on us.
  27. Why did the pancake get arrested? It had committed multiple unwaffle actions.
  28. Me: I’ll have a stack of 24 pancakes, please Waitress: That’s a tall order!
  29. The local pancake place has made the country’s biggest pancake. I’d love to see someone top that.
  30. What did you think of my slow-baked-pancakes?… I’ve had batter.
  31. “I have the best pancake mix!” “No, mine is batter”
  32. Thin French pancakes give me the crepes.
  33. What do bus drivers put on their morning pancakes? Traffic jam
  34. What do you call a pancake after it does sit-ups? A waffle.
  35. What do you call a man who randomly steals French pancakes? A crepetomaniac.
  36. Tried to break the ice at a party the other night with a pancake joke, but it fell flat.
  37. I met a really angry pancake earlier.  He just flipped.
  38. How do elves eat their pancakes?… In short stacks. (Elf Jokes)
  39. My friend is normally good at remembering special occasions.  He flipped when I reminded him it was pancake day.