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We often see people talking about a strong connection between “mind” and “body.” But, when it comes to maintaining our overall health, we usually gravitate towards the gym to stay fit and achieve the physique we crave for!

What about our mental health?

National Institute of mental health estimates, poor mental health often has people suffer from depression, which further promotes a higher risk of chronic medical conditions. It is important for companies to look for the best employee health solutions.

From above, it is quite clear that living a happy and productive life based as much on mental health as physical fitness. Unfortunately, mental illness is still seen as a mark of disgrace in our society!

Here’s what you can do to overcome:

  • Start by being honest with you and discuss your concern with your family and doctor.
  • Discuss if you have any signs of depression and anxiety or more severe like schizophrenia during the counsel sessions.

Here are the three prime reasons why you should not ignore your mental health:

It Promotes Better Physical Health

It is very simple; if you are mentally not happy, it will reflect in your body. For instance, people having mental illness may suffer from sleep disorders, and poor immune function, which can later encourage other health disorders.

When both physical and mental problems co-occur, doctors often focus on the physical complaint, which makes the cycle of illness go on. According to resources, treating depression in arthritis patients result in lesser pain and improvement in overall wellness. Moreover, many certifications like diploma in health and social care involve people get taught in taking care of overall health. So, if the mental disorders get addressed first, many patients can report recovery in their overall well being.  

A Happier Life

Mental sickness can affect individuals as well as families. For instance, kids are at higher risk of negligence, abuse, and behavioral and emotional issues from elders and parents. Since they cannot ask anyone for help in their family, they often feel isolated, whereas many don’t get support in the most challenging times.

On the other side, people can also get affected in terms of job loss, financial strain, and own personal problems as they are engaged in helping out their family members.

It is thus clear that mental fitness not only plays an essential role in an individual’s life, but also makes family members feel more connected and happy.

Reduce Absenteeism

Being dependent on our incomes, high rate of absenteeism, lost earning caliber and huge expense treating mental disorders, individuals might face considerate economic struggles. Some might end up declaring bankruptcy, homeless, or imprisoned due to property offenses.  

People who struggle with depression and anxiety relatively take more sick leaves and that too for long periods.

A recent WHO study says that anxiety and mental disorders cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion every year in reduced productivity. This shows a strong relationship between mental disorders and lost productivity.

However, on the positive end, for every US$ 1 used in treatment for mental illness, companies can return US$ 4 in productivity and improved health.


The above reasons are more than enough to assure you that it is time to prioritize your mental wellness. Because taking care of your mind and your body means you not only live longer but better. As there are effective cures for physical sickness; medications, therapies, and lifestyle interventions can ease mental suffering!