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You will find two kinds of verified accounts on the social media app TikTok. One is a popular creator and the other is a verified account. The creator is the simplest status and given to active users with several followers, increased engagement, and who follow the social media guidelines. When it comes to a verified account, it is difficult to get and usually given to extremely popular celebrities and bigger brands. 

Then, TikTok lacks any sort of application process for account verification, be it a popular creator or a verified account. TikTok provides a blue checkmark to users who share high-quality content on the platform. According to an article published on Sprout Social, TikTok’s users are a young audience below 30 years, but popular among older adults as well, who are in their 40s, comprising about 16.8 percent of the platform’s user base. 

In this article, we will discuss the three essential aspects related to TikTok verification. Read on to learn more. 

1. Number of followers you need for TikTok verification 

When it comes to the least follower count required to qualify for verification, TikTok never officially declared the same. Celebs manage to get their accounts verified because they are popular faces even if they start with zero followers. Then, popular profiles have 10k followers and might go up to millions. 

It is important to bear in mind that you will find several TikTok profiles with a follower count in hundreds of thousands, and these aren’t verified. Therefore, there is no clarity as to the exact number of followers needed for TikTok verification. However, when you share the best content and contribute to the app, you can expect to buy TikTok fans and boost engagement rates

2. Requirements to qualify for verification 

Though there are no exact requirements for TikTok verified accounts, a couple of factors do matter. These include authenticity. You need to show your true self and share real videos. Share unique videos to stand out from the rest. Do not imitate someone else’s style. 

Make sure you upload video content regularly as well as see videos posted by other TikTok users. Comment on other’s videos every day. 

Abide by all social media rules because if your account is flagged for violation of guidelines, chances of account verification reduce to a considerable extent. Avoid hate speech, nudity, and cyberbullying at all costs. 

3. Does TikTok Crown exist?

As far as the TikTok Crown label is concerned, it is no longer relevant and has already been replaced with the well-liked account-status verification system. You will not get any crown label when it comes to your TikTok profile. Instead, you will receive the blue-colored check as well as the popular creator label. 


These days, frauds are abounding on the web and several fake websites that claim they will help you to verify your TikTok account are scammers. These sites try to gain access to your profile, your details, sometimes both. Therefore, create your TikTok account, share quality content, and never compromise personal information with others. Have fun on TikTok!