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Author Bio: Terry Godier is a freelance content writer. He has written many articles on Career, Jobs, interviews, etc. He has great experience in the field of writing. Through this article, he has given information on the Key Advantages of Hiring Armed Security Guards. To know more, please visit here –

The decision on whether to hire an armed or unarmed guard is one of the most difficult choices people get to make. Although your security needs will determine which choice will be best, understanding the three main advantages that come with working with armed guards will make it easier for you to make a choice. Yes, not every setting will benefit from hiring armed guards, but those who hire armed guards enjoy these key benefits.

Better trained guards

The first point you need to understand about armed guards is that they are better trained than the unarmed ones. Each guard has advanced training in weaponry. The reason for this is because the guards have to understand that not every situation requires that they use their firearm. The guards are also highly trained in self-defense and to make sure that their guns are not used against them. Advanced training is a must since armed security officers as well as the companies they work for can be held liable for any inappropriate use of force.

Security companies make sure that all individual guards are tested. The armed guards are not only better trained than the unarmed guards but they must also pass certain state standards as well as standards set by the security company. Their training is more advanced than that of typical guards.

Extensive background check

The armed security guards have more power over you. To make sure the guards never use their power to their advantage, security companies ensure every armed security guard is taken through extensive background checks. The checks may include a federal background check, which means that their fingerprints will be checked. The guards should also have gun permits. When applying for the shooter jobs, the applicant must not have any criminal record or display signs of mental instability.

The important thing you ought to do is to make sure that you are hiring guards from reputable security companies. Not all companies out there take the time to check the background of their guards extensively. Make sure that you are hiring an armed guard from a company that has been in the business for years and one with an untarnished reputation.

Proven deterrent

What happens if armed robbers walk into your store and all your guard has is pepper spray? There is no denying that having an armed guard is the ultimate choice when you want to really deter crime. Persons thinking of committing a crime will be less likely to do so if the guards on your premise are armed. Armed guards are a higher risk in committing crimes as opposed to the unarmed ones. More and more businesses are taking note of this fact and that is why the number of security companies offering armed guards is increasing.

Although armed guards are the best choice, unarmed guards still serve a great purpose. You can hire one or two armed guards and more unarmed guards. The advantages of working with armed guards are undeniable. The rule of thumb when looking for armed guards is to contact a reputable security company. Don’t hire from just any security firm.