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3 Important Things to Do Before Choosing an Editing Service

Without mincing words, editors have been playing a huge role in the final process of writing since time immemorial. A professional editor is needed for an academic material or that book you have been working on for a while and it doesn’t really matter whether you are self-publishing or searching for an agent. Editing and proofreading your college papers has never been this easy with Write My  Term Papers. Decades ago, there was nothing like the online editing services that are now in existence. Writers and even students can easily search for these services and it’s not even necessary for arranging a one-on-one meeting as the whole process will be carried out on the internet.

1. Research extensively

Finding a reputable editing service on the internet is daunting, due to the fact that there are many scam and inexperienced editors everywhere. One way to detect whether an editing service is a professional one is having an active online presence, preferably a website or blog. For individual editors, they should be able to present their CV or Resume that contains details of their experience and qualifications when a client demands for them. Professional editing services specialize in their work; they just don’t dabble into all genres. Another thing is that it’s safer to know their rates and type of services that they offer beforehand as this will determine if you will have to look for help elsewhere. You can ask for samples of their works, a sample edit or references, and if they can’t provide any, be careful of trusting them with your manuscript.

2. Clear communication

You have every right to communicate effectively before deciding on any editing service even if it’s for free or very cheap. Every writer wants his final manuscript to be well polished with the original ideas still intact. If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible. Communicate very well with your editor on what exactly you want. It’s important to be aware of the period of time that will be involved and who exactly will be handling your manuscripts, not just an anonymous individual. A letter of agreement should be forwarded to you right before editing begins. Professional editors often give developmental feedback that most clients find resourceful. Be open to their suggestions and criticism. It’s up to you whether or not to take their advice.

3. Make sure you edit first

Avoid sending a first draft to an editor at all costs. Waiting for a few days or even weeks will give you the opportunity to edit and edit again. During the process of editing, punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors that were otherwise skipped are duly spotted and corrected. It will also reduce the cost that will be incurred once you send it to an editor. It should be noted that not all editors can work as a proofreader or a copy editor at the same time, but if you are able to get one, be ready to pay for the extra services.

An editor sees your work from a different angle and won’t think twice before telling you the truth. Hiring a professional editing service is definitely the best thing that you can do to boost your confidence as a writer and it’s certain that your final paper or book will be presented at its best.