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A great activity for small kids is to work with fossils. These come in many different types and styles. Children love to play in the dirt and are often seen pulling rocks out and examining them. These are great activities that can be done with family.

Some kids would prefer working with gems, minerals, and also fossils that they could find in the ground. A very popular activity kit that children enjoy is those that contain fossils. Here are three fun at home fossil activities that kids will love to do.

What Are Fossils?

In general, fossils are representative of dead or extinct creatures. Many people think of dinosaurs when this word is used. They are often embedded in some type of solid material, preserved for millions of years.

It is only because of the fossilization process, and the type of soil that they were instantly buried in, that we now know that dinosaurs existed. This is intriguing to most children, as well as adults, and that is why families will often have fun with a fossil kit.

What Activities Can You Do With Fossils?

Fossils were first officially named back in the early 1800s. Coined the Megalosaurus, discovered by an individual called William Buckland, this discovery led to thousands of additional ones. In regard to the kits that you can purchase, these do not contain dinosaur bones. 

Most kits contain a collection of items such as coral, trilobites, and gastropods to name a few. Some are authentic, whereas others are simply replicas of these creatures that were fossilized so long ago.

Activities that can be done with family members include identifying the fossils, uncovering the fossils after burying them, and also discussions about the dinosaurs.

Where Can You Find Fossil Kits?

Kits are extremely popular and a great way to start a fossil collection. You can find them in most major stores. They are also obtainable online. The cost of the kits can range from $10, all the way up to $100, depending upon the complexity and size.

It is recommended that you get a medium-sized kit if you want to keep your children preoccupied for hours. That way, the entire family can participate, and it can be done for a reasonable investment.

Three Games That You Can Play With Fossils

The first game will involve a matching game. You should get multiple kits for this activity. Kids will try to match the different fossils, and the winner will be the one that collects the most.

A second game may involve either an indoor or outdoor activity. The fossils will be hidden and buried in certain locations. 

The final game that can be played will involve a mental exercise in identifying all of the fossils provided.

Whether you choose to identify the different fossils or pretend that you and your children are archaeologists, you can have a lot of fun. Some families may do memory games with them as well.

Regardless of the activities that are planned, it’s always exciting to do things together. Using fossil kits, your kids can do activities with their hands, allowing them to take a break from the Internet or social media. Overall, this is a fantastic way to engage your children and have fun with them at the same time.