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In the past month we have come across three new accounts for teachers that are great. They are new to twitter so they do not have many followers, but their content is awesome. We are confident in recommending these accounts to all educators.
We will check in with these accounts at the end of each month to see how they are doing. We will list them by the number of followers. We also will list the number of accounts they are following to see the results of different approaches. (For example, @mytowntutorsTX is only following one account per day.)
All these accounts  had less than 100 followers to when we identified them. We feel these accounts will take off in the next 60 – 90 days. We would love your feedback.

  1. @TeachHeath (316 following, 97 followers) – Love to SHARE my Engaging teaching ideas! 3d, Blacklights, Music Videos & more! … Vote for me for People Magazine Teacher of the Year:
  2. @GeneinLetford (115 following, 76 followers) – I teach music and LOVE sharing grants for teachers. 2013 PEOPLE Magazine Teacher of the Year Candidate – Vote today! God bless! CA ·
  3. @mytowntutorsTX (27 following, 70 followers) – makes it easy for #Texas#parents to connect with local #teachers who #tutor! “Teachers are great tutors!” Texas ·

Check back at the end of September to see how much these accounts have grown!