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More Music jokes…

  1. Why was the Olympian not able to listen to music?… Because he broke the record! (Summer Olympic Jokes)
  2. Two wind turbines sit in the ocean, one turns to the other and says “What music do you listen to? I like pop myself.” The other turbine says “I’m a massive heavy metal fan!” (Earth Day Jokes & Ocean Jokes)
  3. To whom do musicians bring their ripped jeans, torn shirts, and socks with holes in them?… James Taylor.
  4. Who is the bees favorite singer?… Sting! (Bee Jokes)
  5. Boy: How do you like the drum set you got for your birthday? Friend: I love it! Boy: Why? Friend: Whenever I don’t play it, my dad gives me 10 bucks! (Birthday Jokes for Kids & Father’s Day Jokes))
  6. What do eggs do for fun?… Kari-yolkie. (Egg Jokes)
  7. What kind of music do killer whales like?… They listen to the orca-stra!
  8. Who is short, green and plays the cello?… Yo-Yo Da. (May the 4th Be With You Jokes)
  9. “Geologists don’t dislike classical music, they just prefer rock.” (Social Studies Jokes)
  10. What does Michael Jackson have in common with the NASA?… It’s been decades since their first moon walk. (Walking Jokes & Full Moon Jokes)
  11. How did the turtle get off his back?… He rocked and rolled! (Turtle Jokes)
  12. Why couldn’t the basketball player listen to his music?… Because he broke a record! (March Madness Jokes)
  13. What’s was the cookies favorite band?… OREO Speedwagon… (I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend…) (Oreo Cookie Jokes)
  14. How does the Cat in the Hat sing scales?… Do-ri-me-ow. (Cat Jokes & Music Jokes)
  15. What kind of musician is the Cat in the Hat ?… A purr-cussionist. (Music Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  16. Why is the Cat in the Hat such a good piano player?… Because they’re very mewsical. (Cat Jokes & Music Jokes)
  17. What music does a lobster listen to?… Bisque-o.
  18. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite musical?… The Sound of Mewsic. (Cat Jokes & Dr. Seuss Jokes)
  19. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite birthday party game?… Mews-ical chairs. (Birthday Jokes)
  20. What is the Cat in the Hat’s favorite song?… Three Blind Mice! ((Music Jokes & Cat Jokes)
  21. Which new Taylor Swift tune is the best couple’s song for two ghosts to share?… Invisible String.